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Yatra With Aanchal and Quirksmith collaborate to bring live the soulful composition “Mainu khul ke nacchan de”

Yatra With Aanchal and Quirksmith collaborate to bring live the soulful composition “Mainu khul ke nacchan de”

Ethnicity is the soul of music and traditions! And in the quest of bringing the flavors of ethnicities through music Yatra With Aanchal collaborated with Quirksmith, an inspirational jewelry brand in India creating a masterpiece that soothes the soul- “Mainu khul ke nacchan de”. The song is vibrant, energetic and the beauty of its composition lies in its lyrics and melody, which pierces through your mind and soul in a way that there is an essence of liberation and freedom. This music piece will make you dance, letting you embrace the beauty of life.

Yatra With Aanchal is a journey through folk songs of India and Pakistan along with Sufi numbers, executed in a very ambient style by Aanchal and her 20-year-old brother Lakshya. From Sammi Meri Waar to Ve mein chori the songs are re-created and staged. Their band line-up does not do without a Darbuka and a Flute. Yatra With Aanchal is a venture of dreams for music admirers.

Mainu khul ke nacchan de is written by Tripurari, and Anudutt is the man behind its composition. The composition and lyrics by them is what takes the song to another level of synchronization and leaves the listeners awe struck. Speaking about this new creation Aanchal said, “Music is the way we communicate. Lakshya and I have grown up with music in our house. And somewhere as brother and sister, we both get even on Music, baring all odds. Quirksmith, if you look at it is not just jewelry, each of its peace talk. They narrate a story, and our idea for the brand was absolutely this, A SONG THAT BECOMES THE NARRATIVE of their story. “

This Indie band from Mumbai has brought a story to live that they feel Quirksmith is born with. Divya and her sister Pragya are the minds behind Quirksmith and their story is what inspires the song Mainu khul ke nacchan de. Sharing their life experience the sisters say that “we have grown up listening to poetry and couplets from several Sufi poets (like Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid). Our dad is an avid reader and would often read them out to us, with their detailed meanings. As a result, we also got attracted towards Sufi music and the power of its words! You will see manifestations of this part of our lives in a lot of our work at Quirksmith – be it in the form of “Kamli” earrings or a “Jogan” anklet (to name a few).”

It is interesting to know how these two like-minded music lovers came together to create one of the most soothing and meaningful number. Divya and Pragya are both spell bound by the music that Aanchal and her brother create. Speaking about it, they said, “When we heard Aanchal’s powerful voice and her own inclination towards Sufi music, there was an instant connect. We knew we wanted to bring the magic of her voice and the depth of our jewellery to life. And within a few weeks “Mainu khul ke nacchan de” was born.” This creation is not just a song, but a story that each of Quirksmith’s designs tell and hence it depicts the power of music in connecting thousands of people with a story that will inspire many. Divya and Pragya were spell bound by the song brought in by Aanchal, Lakshya, Tripurari and Anudatt and the way their thoughts and story have been given the form of a mesmerizing song. This will be a step forward towards brand collaborations with such talented and path breaking artists in the country.


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