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With Viral Mania, Rohitash Jadhav is taking Youtuber Industry to a New Level

With Viral Mania, Rohitash Jadhav is taking Youtuber Industry to a New Level

In the world of Digitalization and selfies, every account has an entry to the world of social media. A person who might not be known by face gets recognized by his Instagram handle or his Facebook Id. Weird is that but this is what the world demands and this is what is needed. Getting viral, getting known, something which was previously slow, getting grown. The high demand of likes and views, how can this be done? Easy, provide the facts and figures public demands and there one gets, views, clicks, appreciations and words gigs. Among all is a place for Digital Marketing and a Digital marketer, like Rohitash Jadhav. Seeing the demand, he simply connected two words, “Viral” and “Mania” which meant an obsession or desire to know the facts and reality behind something. He tried connecting the purpose with name and with his Youtube channel came upon with something which started receiving millions of likes within a day of its upload. Not only this, seeing how well he took care of all the needs and respected the women’s working in his Digital Marketing company, he was also called upon to be a part of “Narayani Namah”. “Narayani Namah” was conducted with the purpose of women empowerment and Rohitash became a part, as he always wanted to see a better environment for all women’s out there. Many such efforts and finally he gets recognition. Who might have thought that a jump from Digital Marketing to Social Service, a Youtuber and also an Influencer will get him success soon? Rohitash was recognized and so was his efforts. He was rewarded by the current CM of Madhya Pradesh “Mr Kamal Nath”.

A one with a desire never will lack behind. A person as such will create his name even amidst the chaotic situations. A lot of struggle and time, and finally the efforts of Rohitash got opportunities. His platform together with him got opportunities to work with varied recognized leaders, which included MP’s and MLA’s. By his Youtube channel and his Facebook page “Viral Mania” related to Amazing facts and Entertainment, he helped the leaders with their campaign strategies to get the real success it deserved. He also brought in various e-commerce portals to be handled by his page all by his and his team efforts. Soon, the facts and idea behind a point started getting reached out to the public at large, who waited for such Virality of ideas and truth. All the ignorance of world now gained consciousness and demanded more of what was presented to them.

The start of “Viral Mania” was a start which was one more step for his foundation. The “Viral Mania” writer and creator dedicated to amazing facts and the Facebook page with the name of “Viral Mania” with all the efforts started receiving various celebrities for its work. The contents of Celebrities which was needed to be reached out to the public started receiving a million and more likes within 24 hours of its upload by the help of Viral Media.

To “Create” is easy if there is a “Brilliant mind” to guide but here in case of Rohitash, he became all. A learner, a guide, a creator and an absorber of all the opportunities which came in its way. All this was a real encouragement to his team members too, who seeing his efforts started dedicating their heart and soul to the company, making the same one great start.

He fulfilled all needs. Politicians, Celebs, public, and covered all those with curious minds approaching Viral Mania. Rohitash efforts made him receive various titles like that of a Youtuber, Digital Marketer and a great influencer who wanted to make a change in this world of the show, where you either fall or grow. Well, no chances for fall herein because his Digital marketing head knew how to get people and their needs all a place. Like all efforts pay off, so did him and here he stands with his Viral Mania getting the success it deserves by hacking the Virality on Youtube and Facebook by all truth.


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