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With hard work and unstoppable efforts, Kamz Inkzone is making its mark in tattoo artistry

With hard work and unstoppable efforts, Kamz Inkzone is making its mark in tattoo artistry

Turning a childhood dream into a reality is an amazing feeling. The well known tattoo artist Kamz has achieved his dream of getting into this profession irrespective of the hurdles he had to face.

Jhonny Depp quoted, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” This is the power of the art form called tattoo making. Kamz have successfully put up his own venture called as “Kamz Inkzone.” Like any Indian parents, his too were against this profession but ultimately he managed to convince them and follow his heart. One right decision has made him more determined to a approach the highest appreciation in this field he could get. At a very small age he saw his friend drawing a tattoo on his hand with a pen. Inspiration can take do many forms. His passion towards tattoo making and his dedication has given him so many opportunities to prosper as a tattoo artist.

He has attended numerous conventions and met so many great personalities. To him, there is still scope to learn more, to understand this art form and to make a new recognition in this profession. He believes that there are not as many tattoo artist in Punjab as of the foreign countries but he aspires to give a boost to this profession in our country. In all his interviews he has mentioned Nick Sharma’s name. His first teacher and guide was Mick, who owned a tattoo parlour in Ludhiana. Kamz has inked many celebrities namely, Yuvraj Hans, Garry Sandhu, Ninja, Sara Gurpal, Sukh-e-Muzical Doctorz, A-Kay, Elly Mangat etc. His work has received great appreciation and people have acknowledged his humble nature. This is only a page in his story of success. He has plans to attend various conventions held across the globe. Hhe most importantly aspires to master the art of making realistic portraits in form of tattoos. He believes his hard work and his dedication towards his profession will someday lead his to his destination.

Kamz have also been a part of an MTV reality show known as MTV Ace of Space season 1. Kamz in one of his interviews said that he is very happy to get a chance to meet new people and get to know their personalities. It was also a big platform for him to get larger number of audience. People loved him in the show because of his free spiritedness and his deferential nature.

Kamz have been successful in opening two outlets of his own, one in Chandigarh and the other one in Jalandhar. He is gifted to have this power of imagination and his hard work is being recognized in the society with a much greater admiration. Kamz has had the chance to meet great tattoo artists like Mohan Gurang and John Dai. In one of the conventions that he attended in Nepal, as he elaborates, there were one hundred and fifty countries participating and there were 35 Indian tattoo artists among them. This is something to be proud of.

Believing in oneself and having the vision to achieve the desired is goal is not a bed a roses. Kamz have been striving hard till date to gain as much knowledge he can in this process of making his name in the industry. His desire to work hard and bring out designs that are different and creative, is commendable. He believes he can do better with each passing day. His contribution to the youth in attaining the western culture and giving India a new form of art is acknowledged highly.


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