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Will Devi Paulomi succeed in getting Swati out of Indresh’s life?

Will Devi Paulomi succeed in getting Swati out of Indresh’s life?

&TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein beautifully captures and narrates a pure relationship between a Bhakt and Bhagwan. In the show, Santoshi Maa (Gracy Singh) at every step guides her ardent bhakt Swati (Tanvi Dogra) through every hurdle that has a possibility of disrupting her life. In the last episode, viewers witnessed how Santoshi Maa guided Swati in undertaking the Vat Savitri Vrat to save Indresh (Ashish Kadian). In the upcoming episodes, a new twist is on the cards that will lead to an uproar in Swati’s life.

Previously, Sighasan Singh (Sushil Sinha) was keen to get Indresh and Nidhi(Dharti Bhatt) married. However, Indresh strongly opposed to the union as he wanted to marry Swati. The situation led to Nidhi moving out of Indresh’s life. But in a dramatic turn of events, Nidhi makes a comeback as a doctor to save Indresh’s life after the horrific accident. Devi Paulomi (Sara Khan) is hellbent to get back at Swati and cause havoc in her life. Drama ensues when Nidhi, who is treating Indresh, gets possessed by Devi Paulomi. She suddenly starts interacting very differently with everyone raising a lot of questions and confusions. Devi Paulomi aims to get Swati out of Indresh’s life and to do so; she has been trying different tricks for a long time. After a failed attempt to kill Indresh, Paulomi decides to seize Nidhi’s body to rule her actions. Not knowing what is going on with her, Nidhi follows Devi Paulomi’s instructions while she is under her possession.

Talking about this high-octane drama Dharti Bhatt who plays Nidhi shares, “Nidhi’s comeback in Indresh’s life has not gone down very well for Swati. Nidhi is still very miffed with Indresh and his family for rejecting her marriage proposal but, continues with her duty as a doctor only to be possessed by Devi Paulomi. It brings a major turmoil in Swati and Indresh’s life after an auspicious offering by Nidhi changes Indresh completely. What will this change be in Indresh? It makes Swati’s life go upside down, adding more to her woes and worries. A lot of drama unfolds with Nidhi’s entry. But what remains to be seen is if Swati be able to turntables? How will Swati overcome this new hurdle in her life? Will Devi Paulomi be successful in her attempts to create havoc in Swati’s life, this time around?”


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