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“We can also be the warriors sitting at home” Vijay Sharma on people following lockdown measures

“We can also be the warriors sitting at home” Vijay Sharma on people following lockdown measures

“For the ones who help, should never be tested for their patience and in the time of pandemic when all we see is suffering and deaths around, the social workers and the doctors are truly the ones who receive respect for fighting for us, rather than stones,” said Vijay Sharma, the Secretary of Vishwa Shanti Mission organization. These people, the doctors, policemen and other social workers are taking their lives at risk amidst the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we the people sitting inside the 4 walls, we throw tantrums and treat them badly. How exactly is this, “our support against support, love against love and help against help?”

None wants to be a part of the affected group but that doesn’t mean a jump in the fight against our neighbours or society members. It is our social duty to appreciate their efforts instead of making a life a little more mess when they arrive home. As per Vijay strict actions should be taken against and these antisocial people should be punished for trying nothing more than disturbing the society and its people, at the time when we are all meant to stand together, helping each other.

When all the people amidst the lockdown are sitting safely in the comfort zone of their homes, the doctors, policemen, cleaners, media and other social workers are delivering their duties and are acting like true warriors, trying to save lives and to deliver essentials without any fear. They have left all their infatuations towards their family and life and are working day and night providing services. For them the citizens of this country are above their personal life and even after showing such courage and love towards the country and its citizens, some people are acting uneducated and are carried away in their nature of ignorance and rudeness. They are attacking the doctors and the policemen, how exactly is this humanity and how are these social workers having that big heart to still forget it all and protect the society? Why can’t we just be a little favourable and support them after all they are the helpers and not the killers here? A statement worth made by Vijay Sharma considering the importance of these social workers who are continuously supporting us.

Vijay requested the government, to take strict actions against all these antisocial people who amidst this pandemic are trying to disturb the living of our real-life warriors, the social workers, the true helpers of this society. He was also seen stating that our government is taking every measure to save us and to help us by all means and it is our responsibility to follow the stated measures and rules made by the government. It is our social obligation and a little effort will save a lot more lives. Only if we stay put and work together towards the betterment and support of the government by the only means we are capable of as on now, “by staying homes”, then only we will be able to fight against this deadly coronavirus which took away so many lives and is still infecting the people at large.

Vishwa Shanti Mission organization is taking every step to ensure their best and is trying to deliver the essentials to the families in and around Mathura-Vrindavan. They are also ensuring that food facilities can be provided to the poor who are facing the most during this lockdown.

The situation is simple, is we got to survive, we have to revive, a little consciousness and a little of patience and only if we can do, we will also be the warriors sitting at home and doing the best of what is within our hands.


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