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Vineet Ahlawat Shortlisted for The LIT Digital Awards 2020

Vineet Ahlawat Shortlisted for The LIT Digital Awards 2020

We have always seen a child admiring touching the stars one day. Similarly, a writer always possesses an admiration to grab literary awards for his/her work. But, in the stiff and crowded literary field with big fishes swimming in, it is not an easy task for a newcomer to show their mettle in the awards.

The organising of The LIT Digital Awards 2020 amid the COVID pandemic is a feat in itself. Foreseeing the circumstances, The Literary Mirror took a serious and commendable initiative to conduct the award function online.

The LIT Digital Awards 2020

Who does not need a platform to get support and shout at the world with might? That is exactly what new writers search for. They try to get a stage from where they can tell their potential to the world. Obviously, The LIT Digital Awards 2020 provided them with this opportunity.

The Literary Mirror; Editor-in-Chief, Nitish Raj, brought a highly renowned team of the jury members to evaluate the masterpieces coming in the form of entries. Moreover, these awards were designed to introduce new talent to the society and enrich them. After all, every new writer awaits for these initiatives.

“An Anonymous Guy” Makes it to the Shortlist

At the start of the awards, the author did not expect he would be able to make it to the shortlist ever. But, the narration and issue depicted in the book were something that caught the eyes of the jury members. With the fair competition and acclaimed jury members, many new authors surpassed the established ones to get in the shortlist.

An Anonymous Guy is one who gets us through the journey of pain, loss and hope. He tells us the real concept of religion and how a human is fundamentally made to help another human. In today’s world, anger, ego, hatred, false religious concepts have shaded the real meaning of humanity. The character reveals the essence of patriotism and love for humanity through his brave acts. We need more like that in the present world that is moving towards intolerance, protectionism and confrontation.

How A Vet Became An Author

Dr. Vineet Ahlawat is a Veterinary Sciences graduate from a state university. He belongs to the state of Haryana, one of the prominent agricultural states of India. During the college days, he read about the Kashmiri Pandit issue and how a religious thought led to massacre of people. This proved as the real motivation for him to pen down this work. Daringly, he stood up to challenge the established doctrines of the orthodox section harming the peace in the world.

The Essence of Ink and Pen

It is generally believed that the persons who are not able to express themselves in front of others shout out loud on the paper. Curiously, some of them put questions on the norms of society leading to the deterioration of harmony and peace. Moreover, ink and pen have always been weapons for every section of people. Women, revolutionaries, radicals have over time shared their views with people through their writings. It is an immense pleasure to transform our minds by reading the works like “An Anonymous Guy” that changes our perception of society.


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