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TrustLine Announces Successful Closing of Intrinsic Deep Alpha AIF – Category III Offering

TrustLine Holdings, the leading Equity Research and Portfolio Management firm has announced the successful closing of its Intrinsic Deep Alpha Fund. The fund has received commitments of INR 800Mn+ from existing and new investors against the target of INR 750Mn. This Category III AIF Fund’s mandate is to focus predominantly on micro and small cap space in the sub 1000 cr. market cap segment and to aim at early-stage investing in the listed space. TrustLine is among the top discretionary portfolio managers in India with industry leading performance.

The Fund with a minimum investment size of Rs. 1 crore is a “Closed” ended scheme with a term of 5 years and extendable up to 2 years as per SEBI AIF Regulations, 2012. It would focus on early investment in small companies in promising high growth sectors, when they are in their infancy, thus having potential to deliver exceptional returns when they scale up.

Commenting on the successful closing, Mr. ArunaGiri N, Founder CEO & Chief Investment Officer, TrustLine Holdings Pvt. Ltd., said, “This has been one of the most challenging environment for micro, small and midcaps. We are pleased to note that we could, not only manage to raise our target commitments, but also exceed our own expectations in this difficult environment. This was made possible because of overwhelming support from our existing investors whose commitments constituted significant share of the overall fund raising. This bears testimony to our long-term performance track record as well as to our focus on long-term client relationship and client servicing. In this fund, our objective is to create ‘Rich’ portfolio from “Small” gems. We aim to do this by handpicking some of the best high quality micro-caps, possessing superior return metrics (ROCE), high operating margin, low leverage, sound track record etc. from the target universe.”

Mr. ArunaGiri who is the CIO for the fund has more than 15 years of experience in capital market in various capacities and manages the PMS/AIF investments at TrustLine with assets over Rs. 400 crores spread across 550+ highly satisfied clients. As an enthusiastic and disciplined practitioner of value investing over long time, Arun has come to believe that key to success in value investing lies not so much in financial skills, but in emotional and temperamental skills. He believes very strongly that value investing is a great wealth-building opportunity for anyone who could think and act long-term without getting swayed by the short-term swings of the market. Large part of success in value investing comes from one’s ability to stay objective/rational in an irrational market setting. By being greedy when fear grips and being fearful during misplaced exuberance.


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