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"Timnasa is the most impactful negative character I have played so far”, says Pavitra Punia from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

“Timnasa is the most impactful negative character I have played so far”, says Pavitra Punia from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch, do you think its unique characters and the gripping storyline is a reason behind the success?

The gripping storyline of Baalveer Returns essayed by one of a kind characters is definitely one of the key reason behind the show’s immense success. Adding to this is the loyal and loving fan following of Baalveer and Sony SAB who have continued to shower us with love and support. I was already in awe of the show and its gripping storyline when I was approached for the role of Timnasa and I immediately knew I had to be a part of this world.

What makes Timnasa so dangerous and unique from any other villains?

The reason Timnasa is unlike any villains so far is her sheer ruthlessness and grand aura. You end up disliking the character for creating chaos in Baalveer’s world but at the same time, you cannot help loving and acknowledging her presence. Timnasa is full of pride and power and she knows how to hold her ground. She is the most impactful negative character I have played so far. I started my career with a positive role and I soon realized with my other projects that I had a flare of essaying negative characters. Portraying an antagonist in a story is challenging as you have to go through the hate from the viewers. Your character is not the adored one but I’m really glad that Timnasa continues to receive immense love from the fans and viewers. Timnasa is a character that everyone will remember and I’m honoured to play her role.

While Timnasa is not afraid of anything, what is it that Pavitra Punia is scared of?

Timnasa is fearless but yes, I am terrified of heights.

How do you switch mentally in and out of Timnasa’s character?

Over time I have developed this quality to easily switch in and out of my character. Once you know the character well, you do not have to think so much over how the character will react. I am always laughing and having fun with my co-stars but the moment the camera rolls you’d find me switching into a serious mood in split seconds. I never let my character’s personality over-power mine.

What can the viewers expect from Timnasa in the upcoming episodes of Baalveer Returns?

There are some major twists and turns on the way for our viewers and as the adventures of Baalveer Returns unfolds our viewers will witness some nail-biting fights and challenges as Timnasa is all set to create larger havoc that Baalveer wouldn’t anticipate. With Baalveer and Nakabposh on a mission to find the only weapon that can harm Timnasa, she is more furious than ever and would not stop until she destroys their mission. The fight is on.

How did it feel to go back to shoot after 3 months? Was Timnasa set to create new challenges in Baalveer’s life?

I have been eagerly waiting to get back on the set. I was excited to meet my Baalveer Returns family, especially my KaalLok gang. I had missed all of them a lot. In terms of the shoot, an artiste always craves to hear the three magical words – Light Camera and Action. These words are blissful and getting back to work brought a part of normal back to my life. The production house, as well as Sony SAB, has ensured that best precautionary measures are taken for our safety which has helped us feel more confident on the sets and make us feel home the way we used to feel before.

What are your thoughts about playing a negative role in a show? How challenging is it?

Playing a negative character is always challenging but that is what makes it legendary. Being Timnasa is a challenge in itself as the entire costume alone weighs around 25 Kgs and performing the intensive action sequences is very difficult. The emotions expressed by the character are loud and getting into her shoes and delivering the right emotions brings the performer in me. I enjoy embracing these challenges.

Any message for the fans?

I would like to say that the wait is over. Our fans have supported us throughout and even during this phase while we were away. I have immense gratitude towards the love they shower us with. We are back with fresh episodes and with a lot more action and twists on Baalveer Returns only on Sony SAB. So, stay tuned.


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