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“Timnasa has set me free as an artist”, says PavitraPunia from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

“Timnasa has set me free as an artist”, says PavitraPunia from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

1. How does it feel to be a part of Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns?

I feel sheer joy every day when I get into Timnasa’s look and to be part of a show likeBaalveer Returns. I wanted to be in the leagues of the leads and I was on a look for a strong, powerful negative lead character and Baalveer Returns have granted me my long awaited wish. I have worked with the production house in the past and I’m happy to be working with them again. Portraying negative characters is my forte and this entire association is dreamlike and everything I ever looked for.

2. What made you opt for the show Baalveer Returns? What makes this show stand out?

When I came to know about the concept of Baalveer Returns, I was captivated by the magnificence of the show. The character which hooked me to the story was Timnasa and I was overjoyed that I would get the opportunity to portray her. I couldn’t wait to know more about the character and dive into her personality. Baalveer Returns is a grand show crafted with such intricate details. The character dynamics is blended with state of art visuals which is bound to hook the viewers to the show.

3. Tell us something about your character – Timnasa

Timnasa, the ruler ofKaalLok, is the epitome of fierceness and strength. She knows no bounds and wouldn’t hesitate to get what she wishes for. She is a queen and a leader with mercy and fear. While she is a negative character, she is powerful and clever, who is determined to defeat her rivalBaalveer to become the ultimate and the sole owner of his powers.

4. How is Timnasa different from other character’s you’ve portrayed in the past?How do you feel about playing the role of evil Timnasa?

I started my career with a positive role and I soon realized with my other projects that I had a flare of essaying negative characters. Portraying an antagonist in a story is challenging as you have to go through the hate from the viewers. Your character is not the adored one but with Timnasa as much as our viewers will hate Timnasa’s guts, they will still end up enjoying the character. Timnasa is a character whom everyone will remember and I’m honoured to play her role.

5. How exciting is it to play a powerful fictional character, with all the costumes and powers?

Playing a fictional character is completely new to me. My character has an elaborate costume which has been created with minute details and I feel powerful when I get into Timnasa’s costume. I love her look, it is a striking and a unique makeup which I have never tried before. A fantasy character like Timnasa demands skills like sword fighting and elaborate action sequences. I was thrilled to explore this side of the character and I’m working towards perfecting it every day.

6. What are your thoughts about playing the negative role in a show? How challenging is it?

Playing the negative character is challenging but that is what makes it legendary. Being Timnasa is a challenge in itself as the entire costume alone weighs around 25 Kgs and performing the intensive action sequences is very difficult. The emotions expressed by the character are loud and getting into her shoes and delivering the right emotions brings the performer in me. I am embracing these challenges and I look forward to make Timnasa memorable.

7. How has your experience been so far working on the sets of Baalveer Returns?

The experience has been beautiful. I came across some great artists while working with Baalveer Returns. Although most of my sequences are with the characters of KaalLok and Baalveer. We all have our own fun which makes the hectic schedule much easier. I look forward to great work and create some memories with all my co-stars.

8. Any specific preparation you had to do for the role?

The stakes are high with show like Baalveer Returns. This role is inspiring me to push boundaries as an artist. In order to add more perfection to my role, I have started taking sword fighting lessons. Initially, I used to get hurt during the sword fighting sequences and I realized I was lacking some details. I have poured my heart and soul in this character and I didn’t want to stop.

Watch Timnasa in her glory on Baalveer Returns every Monday-Friday at 8pm only on Sony SAB


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