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“Thrive for best, leave the rest”- says Aman Bhatti, the Youngest Entrepreneur from Gujarat

“Thrive for best, leave the rest”- says Aman Bhatti, the Youngest Entrepreneur from Gujarat

Young minds are the gainer of control if they know how to work towards it, determined and focused. But it’s hard to find such seekers who remain true to their goals and focus to be the best in what they do. Hard but not impossible and in the time of today, when we have seen youngest of entrepreneurs coming up, Aman Bhatti too gained that position amidst the list of same. This young entrepreneur has not even gained the age of 20 and has gained the title of Youngest Entrepreneur from Gujarat. Probably this is how it was meant to be and his hard work and dedication turned his aim and aspiring nature into a great Digital Marketer out there.

Aman comes from Nakhatrana, kutch, Gujarat and completed his education from Archana St. Xavier’s High School, Nakhatrana and since his early days aimed to master his skills and ensure to do anything and everything within his power to take his ideas into a right direction, the path of growth. His interests included modelling and he has always been a fitness lover, which for sure was a path for him to proceed but “What excites a mind is not a thing to let go and for Aman his one true love, Digital Marketing made him proceed towards the same.”

His family and friends, all just got one thing to say, “Aman is a person of goals and we have never seen him divert from same. Be it school exams or walking towards being a Digital Marketer, he always gave his best without a doubt or a fear. Probably this is what makes his work special and this is what ensures him to be the way he is.” Rightly said as, for one to focus and to learn, one needs to be a dedicated soul.

Everyone wants to excel and to earn but with Aman, his focus always remained over the type of service he provides. He made sure whosoever approached him received the right help from his side and saw a growth in the dynamic environment. His passion for Digital Marketing and the Business arena showed him the path and now it was upon him how he moved ahead, which we see is going quite well. Yes, he did face challenges and the hurdles at the start but a way creator doesn’t just stop by seeing a fallen tree. Aman’s positivity and the way of tackling through difficult situations is a separator of him from the others and defines him completely.

Getting to know how he got so well-versed with the concepts of Digital Marketing we get to know that it was the blogs, the articles and the available videos which he started reading and watching from the time he knew, “this is my path and this is where my focus lies.” Aman has been a motivator to many of his friends around who thank him for his little efforts by his positive words and helping hands. His Instagram handle is https://www.instagram.com/amxn.25/

Not just them, even anyone who is out there who seeks is helped by him and the best is, he keeps a balance between all. From his work to family and friends, there is nothing or none who can get a chance to get a word against him or his work.

Many businesses have grown within his reach and they are today the top known brands. He not just improved their online visibility but assured them his only followed mantra, “thrive for best, leave the rest.” Amazing he is and his ways to deal around but what makes him a successful Entrepreneur is, his keeper’s nature, which knows to differentiate and to relax and to use to the best at the right time and place.


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