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The LIT Talks and Reeflix TV Launched First Episode Featuring Author Jyoti Jha

The LIT Talks and Reeflix TV Launched First Episode Featuring Author Jyoti Jha

The literary fraternity has all the reasons to cheer as the much-awaited unique Talk Show, ‘The Lit Talks’, a venture of Literia Insight, released its very first episode in collaboration with Reeflix TV. The Talk Show is a unique concept to bring experts from various fields to share their experience and thoughts up close with the show host and on a prestigious OTT platform of Reeflix TV, true mainstream entertainment access for viewers.

A Reeflix Original, ‘The Lit Talks’ featured its very first guest, Jyoti Jha, an HR-turned-Author and a versatile storyteller. A columnist, literary critic, and a proud panellist and guest speaker in talk shows at IITs and IIM Lucknow, Jyoti has been an honourable jury member at the Literary Club, IIT BHU. A Times of India Write India Season 3 winner, Jyoti has three books to her credit through which she has embarked upon both English and Hindi literature.

The show host, Nitish Raj had a candid conversation with the esteemed guest where he discussed various aspects of the literary career of the guest and her journey as an author. Nitish Raj is Editor-in-Chief at The Literary Mirror and the Co-Founder of Literia Insight. A Literary Critic-turned-Author, a movie critic, a feminist, and a thinker, Nitish has varied dimensions to his creativity and which resonated with his interesting conversation with the valued guest at the Talk Show.

Sharing some fascinating stories behind storytelling and various aspects related to becoming a storyteller, Jyoti expressed her experience of becoming a writer and how it has changed her as a person. “I have become more observational, analytical, introspective, and I have become a better listener”, said Jyoti on being asked how much she has found herself as a changed individual after being an author. “These attributes also play an important role in becoming a good storyteller”, she further added. Jyoti also shared how Write India and Literia Insight have been pivotal in shaping up her literary career and guiding her onto the path of writing.

On being prompted to share an instance where the author had a clash with the thought-process of her own protagonist, Jyoti said that it has happened several times with her whether it was a story in ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, or the thought-process of the protagonist in her Hindi novel ‘Aanandi’. Even when she was writing her travelogue ‘Around The World Through My Lens’, she experienced rediscovering herself all over again and having a clash with her own perspective.

The discussion progressed with an interactive conversation about how writing helps us add valuable perspectives in life and also the challenges of pursuing writing as a career vs writing as a hobby. A fun-filled rapid-fire round at the end of the conversation made the discussion more alive as the show concluded with the author sharing her words of wisdom to budding writers and also how the millennial kids add newer perspectives to storytelling.

The episode was filmed at Hilton, Jaipur and the trailer of the episode was recently launched by Reeflix TV and The Lit Talks. As much as the trailer had received a huge response from both audience and literary fraternity, the blockbuster episode is also being greeted with much appreciation. The Talk Show is streaming now on Reeflix TV and is available to watch on the prominent OTT Platform as Reeflix Original.


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