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SUNDAY GYAN – Secret of Creating Wealth!

A Stock is available at 370-380. One of the best stocks in the Sector. Q1 not great but Q2 will be good, accumulate at current levels, it is a multi-bagger!

Same Stock is available at 200-220 after 2 months. Worst stock in the sector.

Dump it and move to the leader in the sector, it is a multi-bagger !



A stock looks good at the price of 370 but looks bad at the price of 220!

– Retail Psychology

‘Buy a stock when no one wants to buy it & sell a stock when everyone wants to buy it or no wants to sell it’ – Secret of Creating Wealth!



About Yash Dugar

Yash Dugar
Yash is a passionate entrepreneur who is the Founder of Investment Research firm named CREALTH RESEARCH! Being a NISM Certified Investment Advisor he has done GFMP course from BSE Institute and a CFP in making. He has also been the curator of TEDxBESC & is a die heart social worker actively working with two NGO's namely Yahvi & Tiljala Shed.

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