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Sumit Kishore Ojha, the believer in the power of dream and the counter of efforts

Sumit Kishore Ojha, the believer in the power of dream and the counter of efforts

Things we gain should always find its way out as we, the people who live, have a role to fulfill. There is a lot that all can do. Taking small steps towards it, overcoming the struggle, and continuing the hard work, it’s a path towards success. A success that counts and brings in possibilities. However, not all hold the courage to cross paths and stay intact, but for the ones who do, they get the results. Considering among all such names, Mr. Sumit Kishore Ojha is one such quality businessman who in the world of today, fulfilling the roles for his company has always given a good eye on the corporate social responsibility. He served well and, by the events conducted from time to time, tried creating awareness in society. Talking about such, the road safety program every year, conducted for educating the riders by organizing the road rally, is one such initiative which has been supported by him to be continued to serve well around.

Sumit today is the MD and COO of Narayani Group. He joined the business in 2017 after completing the business program at IIM Bangalore and the executive short course from Harvard University. His journey began in Pakur, a small town of Jharkhand, and continued to get success in the line. It is in his surveillance that the Narayani Group today has been expanding and have started the venture in the lifestyle business through their exclusive store operating under the name of “The Arvind Store.” Every opportunity that came in was taken advantage of through proper planning, and the carer for the best are still in line looking for more to expand in line of lifestyle and hospitality.

Since the start in 2002 by the chairman Shri Sanjay Kishore Ojha, Narayani Group had an aim to ensure the crowd with the reach that can serve well. Narayani dealing as an outlet of Hero Motocorp, has understood the opportunities and capabilities and the dream of serving matched up with the same. The business also shifted in dealing with automobile batteries and has acted as a distribution for the Apar industries for the entire Santhal Pragana of Jharkhand state. It has also taken the initiative in bringing out the own print media with the name of INNOVATION, the advertisements, and creatives of which have been serving the major clients, which are mostly the business partners like Hero MotoCorp/Arvind/ICICI/HERO FINCORP. As of today, with the capabilities, Narayani has been ranked one in Jharkhand, and the customer experience, through the leadership, is serving well to all.

“The journey began with the outlet of Hero Motocorp Ltd, where the sale per month was of 7 vehicles. Looking back to the same, we find the growth we have achieved. I mean 7 to 7000 as the sales figures, it was all the result of the hard work, struggle, dedication of the beloved chairman and all those people who were working along, as a part of the Narayani Group. I joined the business in 2017 and just trying to continue ahead with the legacy of 14 years, making sure that the outlets can make a wide reach through presence at different locations all across the district. All I have is a journey of faith and will continue on this path forever”, said Sumit Ojha, who understanding the capability of his team and himself, has grown and taken part to create a change.

Sumit has always been a person supporting talent and his initiative of 2018, where a talent hunt program was organized with a promise of conducting it every year, is the one proof for the same. He has also guided those talents financially and just wishes to help them fulfill their dreams. He has been a supporter of the best as for he knows-

“A dream comes like a beam; it is we who got to be fast, in order to make the same last.”


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