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Stay Warm this Winter with Usha Room Heaters

Stay Warm this Winter with Usha Room Heaters

A range of sleek and stylish room heaters equipped with the best-in-class technology and features to help you stay warm this winter season

Listening to what consumers want, Usha International, one of India’s leading consumer durable company, has added a whole range of innovatively designed heating appliances, strengthening its existing range of room heaters. Known for their exceptional quality, portability, and durability, the room heater range includes Oil Filled Radiators, Fan Room and Radiant room heaters (Carbon, Halogen and Quartz Heaters).

These heaters offer the best value proposition to customers looking to add an effective heating solution this winter – this entire range of Usha room heaters promises safe, healthy, and effective heating and are very convenient to use as they come equipped with variable heat settings, dust filters for preventing dust, adjustable thermostat, and a power indicator light.

Usha Radiant Heaters work on the technology of luminescent heating i.e. heating through light. When electricity is passed through the elements of these heaters, they emit a glow and release infrared radiation. These waves of radiation heat the area in the vicinity of the device warming you up to feel nice and cozy. This is the most natural form of heating and simulates the kind of heat we get from the sun. This range includes Carbon, Halogen and Quartz room heaters.

Usha Carbon Heater is a healthy and cost-effective alternative to traditional room heating systems, ideal for night-time use with their low luminescence. They generate infrared heat which not only spreads evenly across a room but also helps alleviates pain from sore muscles. This heater has thin carbon rods for an even heat distribution resulting in deeper penetration of heat into the skin tissues, leading to acceleration in the body’s natural healing process, thereby alleviating aches and pains. The surface temperature of Usha Carbon Heater is much lower than that of ceramic heaters, making it a safer choice for longevity of use.

Usha Halogen Heaters use the latest light technology for power savings. They use a combination of extra-long heating halogen tubes along with high-grade reflectors for an uninterrupted and efficient heating experience. They also come equipped with a wide angle oscillation function to ensure even heating across the room.


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