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Simran Bejwani- A young singing sensation, achieving milestones with her video songs on YouTube

Simran Bejwani- A young singing sensation, achieving milestones with her video songs on YouTube

It is often said that determination leads to success and with patience comes consistency. Simran Bejwani, a young and sensational singer, has achieved great milestones in life with her dedication and hard work.

“You cannot have empty or neutral mind, as long as you work, the mind will contain dreams, if you stop working, and it will contain regrets.” Simran Bejwani is truly justifying the saying with every step that she is taking towards her career. Simran’s first song on YouTube named “17 yr old 17 songs” has 9.8 million views on currently. This is a proud highlight accomplished by Simran at a very young age.

Simran was raised in Bhagalpur , Bihar and currently pursuing her studies in Amity University, Noida, UP. Simran began learning music at a very young age of seven from her teacher named Suchitra Sarkar in Bhagalpur itself. With the absolute support of her family Simran focused on her singing career. Her brother , Sagar Bejwani initiated her YouTube channel where she has around 181k+ subscribers at present. Her followers and subscribers are increasing with each fleeting day. Simran has been diligent in making her career bright and very inspiring. She has been very active on other social media platforms as well. This has given her the recognition she craved for and worked hard for. She has been collaborated with different skincare and food related brands on Instagram, which makes her an inspiration and an influential personality on the social media and real life as well. Another star on her shoulder is that she has collaborated with the StarMaker Application on YouTube.

Simran has been very persistent in posting her music videos on her YouTube channel. She is a face that people recognize and follow on social media on a daily basis. She has also made a video with celebrities and singing legends like B Praak. With the talent that Simran possesses, she is taking her steps towards a successful future very carefully and in a planned manner. She keeps her followers and her subscribers updated and fixated on her profile with her activities. Simran Bejwani is a verified influencer on Amazon as well. Simran believes in learning new ways to improvise her talent with every opportunity that she faces. Even though she is a non-bengali, she has recently sung a Bengali song “Parbo Na”. Simran is motivated to learn different languages, which will give her the chance to upload songs in different languages. Her efforts have been increasing with the increase in her success.

Simran Bejwani has been a very inspirational personality at this very young. Her endeavour has been recognized by YouTube, where she is a verified member. She has also received a Silver Button from YouTube. The additions to her accomplishments are escalating in a way that even she is motivated and inspired. With a diversified country like India, talented youngsters like Simran Bejwani are moving mountains when it comes to rousing the youth of the nation. Her dedication is a message to all those singers in the nation who lack in confidence and believe that they wouldn’t be able to achieve their dreams in due course.

Being a down to earth person, Simran does not fail to praise her family, who have played a very vital role in her victorious career. Simran’s friends have also encouraged her to work hard on her singing career and maintain the fan base that she has created in just two years. Simran Bejwani is currently working on releasing an original song video. She has been working on this video for quite some time now and claims that the release of the same will soon take place.


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