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Simon Collier Award, 2020 winner Debashis Sarkar is a recognized Indian gem creating wonders

Simon Collier Award, 2020 winner Debashis Sarkar is a recognized Indian gem creating wonders

Creating wonders, leaving a mark, we all wish to be that personality known around in the world for our contributions that became big for many. However, what we forget to consider here is the path towards the same. The attempts, the hardships, those little successes, and a lot more, which combinedly makes us grow and enrich ourselves with the experience, every bit of which counts. The best is that there still exists a crowd which is beyond all of it. They just give efforts, get happy with those small achievements, and continue to guide along the people without looking out for personal returns. Well, one such amazing personality is the Simon Collier Quality Award, 2020 winner Debashis Sarkar, the managing partner in Proliferator Advisory & Consulting. He was bestowed with this award by the American Society for Quality- Los Angeles Section, on a global virtual event, held on 14th October 2020, for his thought leadership and the impact he has made in Customer-Centricity and Operational excellence, that is evidenced through his several books, multiple deployments, numerous articles, and myriad tools developed by him.

Sarkar today is counted among the leading quality and organizational improvement experts of the world. He is a well-known management consultant, educator, a leader who has been a part of success for many global companies. Apart from his experiences and qualifications, he is truly a gem who has been kind enough to put forward his country for every honor he received. On receiving the prestigious Simon Collier Quality Award, he said, “Being a recipient of the Simon Collier Award is indeed an honour. This award is a recognition of Indian expertise and what it can offer to the world.” Giving it all to the country and the expertise in India, this big heart does count for the titles he received and trust he got around. Adding upon to the response, Sarkar didn’t forget to thank his family, every business leader, mentors, and colleagues for being a part of his wonderful journey.

For all the ideas, it seems worth it in the end. So, does it for Sarkar and every single Indian. This award has not just recognized the learnings, concepts, and implementation of this great leader but has also given India global recognition for the leadership experts that it offers the world who, with their best minds, are gaining respect globally. By all means, the Indian talent deserves respect for what they can build, enable, and help in the creation of world-class organizations.

Before getting into consulting Sarkar spent more than two decades in corporate world and held key leadership positions in Standard Chartered Bank, ICICI Bank and Unilever. He has played a significant role in embedding quality practices into service sector in India. Till the end of the last century, deployment of quality practices in India were largely confined to the manufacturing sector. It’s the effort of leaders like Sarkar over the last two decades, who have steadfastly showed the way on how quality practices can be applied to services sector and benefit them. Sarkar achieved this through his writings, transplanting quality practices from manufacturing into service sector, purposeful experimentation and creating successful deployment models for others to replicate. For example, in early 2000s he pioneered the deployment of Lean Management practices into service businesses in Asia. An example of purpose experimentation was when he picked 5S – the Japanese approach for workplace organization and implemented in an Universal Bank. The bank reaped immense benefits. These deployment models were an easy reference for service companies in India and overseas to replicate.

His work in the space of building customer-centric organizations is also well recognized. Not surprisingly, he has been sought after by companies in Asia. Middle East, Africa and Europe. His mantra for achieving sustainable results is combining technical solutions with enterprise alignment, ways of working and leadership behaviours.

His efforts have been noticed, appreciated and recognized many times before. Apart from the Simon Collier Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement of the individual in the quality field, Sarkar was also awarded by the Quality Council of India, DL Shah Quality Champion- Platinum Award in 2019. It is considered to be the highest award that an individual in this sector can receive in India. He has also received many global recognitions, including the Fellow of American Society for Quality in 2013, Phil Crosby Medal in 2014, and alike.

Sarkar is what we call the excellence of mind and a giver of best. He has not just created change but has also been a motivation for many rising leaders around. For every significant contribution made, he had made all proud, and with his decades of hard work and excellence achieved over time, all we can await to see is much more that is about to come.


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