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Shocking : How families of separatist leaders lead a life of luxury! Hypocrisy Exposed!
Shocking : How families of separatist leaders lead a life of luxury! Hypocrisy Exposed!

Shocking : How families of separatist leaders lead a life of luxury! Hypocrisy Exposed!

From Indira Col to Indira Point: The curious case of Indian separatists

The curious case of Indian separatists India is a nation that has always been welcoming of everyone, every thought and every ideology, after all we are the originators of the thought Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family). On one hand, it has earned us substantial respect in the world, at the same time, it has been the prime cause of the all the tensions prevailing across the nation, separatist ideology being one of them. They (separatists) are all around us, some in the form of pseudo liberals (or pseudo-seculars) in our universities, our metropolitans, others causing tensions in the outskirts. No region has remained unscathed by the ism of separatism. This could not have been made possible without the public support that these separatists have enjoyed in the past.

However, a large chunk of the people have started to understand the conspiracy and have been continuously shunning down the voices of separatism in their neighborhoods. The self-centeredness of the separatists is exposed by the fact that their kin are never out on the streets attacking the Indian forces with stones or in the red corridor with guns. So, I decided to do a deep dive analysis on the families of few prominent Indian separatists and the findings have been quite astonishing.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani- a veteran of separatist politics:

An alumni of the Oriental College of Lahore, the man is repeatedly responsible of snatching books from the hands of the youth and giving those stones instead. He has shown his true colors a lot of times in the past but the incident of 2016 has been an eye-opener for the stone-pelters in Kashmir. When the fate of other students was hijacked due to the protests instigated by him and his friends, just one school was allowed to be open, guess why! Because his grand-daughter had to appear for her exams in that school. Amazing, isn’t it!

In 2010, Geelani’s son permanently returned from Pakistan after 12 long years and do you know the reason why he used to practice his medical career in Pakistan? Because he feared for his life in India and felt safe in Pakistan and this was in the official statement given by the spokesperson of the Hurriyat. Just WOW!

Deo Kumar Singh alias Arvindji, man with work-ex of 25 years with Maoists:

An alumni of the Patna University, the man is responsible for countless attacks on the security forces. He is considered to be an expert in handling IEDs and landmines and has been the prime strategist for the central military commission of the CPI (Maoist). He is the brain behind the procurement of arms and ammunition from outside and ensuring their safe passage to the Naxals. It is under his leadership that the Maoists began to use children as human shields in order to blame the state for civilian deaths. But wait, what about his own children?

One of his sons passed out from IIT and now runs his own business in a metropolitan city. Another one is a teacher and runs a coaching institute in Patna. Other family members are also into respectable professions, for instance, his brother-in-law is a real estate developer, and another one operates a cab service. Great strategy! 

Asiya Andrabi, behind the veil:

The founding leader of Dukhtaran-e-Millat and wife of Ashiq Hussain Faktoo, founding member of Hizbul Mujahideen, this woman plays a crucial role in the politics of separatism in the valley. She was the face behind the campaign to enforce veil in Kashmir in 1991. Face behind the veil, LOL! She has been in and out of jail several times since 1993 when she was arrested for the first time with her husband.

Andrabi’s elder son Mohd. Bin Qasim, completed his Bachelors in Information Technology from Malaysia International University and is presently pursuing higher studies in Australia. Also, one of her nephews, Zulqarnain is a captain in the Pakistan Army. Another nephew, Irtiyaz-un-Nabi is an aeronautical engineer by profession and also a lecturer in the International Islamic University in Islamabad. What a cozy life!

Syed Salahuddin, the man with a mission to convert the valley into a graveyard for Indian forces:

The Hizbul man and the chief of the United Jihad Council, Salahuddin was recently designated as a global terrorist by the US State Department. The man responsible for the numerous killings of innocents in Kashmir, resorted to all sorts of begging in front of the then Abdullah government to get his son admitted to the medical college in Srinagar and not Jammu due to security concerns!

Salahuddin is a father to five sons and two daughters and in spite of living in Pakistan, his family leads a very cozy and comfortable life in the valley. One of his sons is a medical assistant at Srinagar’s Sher-i- Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, the second being an officer at Soibugh’s zonal education office, third being an officer in the agriculture department in Srinagar, fourth being a doctor at Srinagar’s Sher- i- Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences and his fifth son recently completed his BE in computers. Also, both of his daughters are teachers in the valley.

A well settled family of a global terrorist!

Farida Behenji, mother of the mujahideens:

Sister of Bilal Ahmed Beg, the leader of JKIF militant group, Behenji heads the Jammu and Kashmir Mass Movement (JKMM). She has been one of the major reasons behind the active involvement of our Kashmiri sisters in the stone pelting brigade. But what about her own children? Her son, Ruma Maqbool, is a doctor by profession and is living sumptuously in South Africa. I wish he could have stayed and tried to save the lives of all those being sent to Jannah to meet their personal 72 virgins by the Indian army recently!

The list doesn’t end here. There are many and many more murderers, for instance, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq whose sister is a doctor in America, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai whose son is studying in Dubai and is well settled there, Abdul Aziz Dar whose sons are living a lavish life in Pakistan, Hashim Qureshi whose sons Iqbal and Bilalare have been enjoying their lives in the United Kingdom at the time when their father is working so hard to unite all the separatist parties in the valley under one platform.

And yes, how can we ever forget the mighty Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, the originator of the separatist movement in Jammu and Kashmir. I leave it to the readers to study the luxurious lifestyle that Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah has been living and their successors will live until…

Jai Hind!


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