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ShareChat releases Year End( 2019) UGC Trendz Report for ‘UP’’

ShareChat, India’s largest regional social media platform, has announced its 2019 UGC Trendz report for UP today. The report talks about the key User Generated Content ( UGC) trends and topics that are driving online conversations amongst its millions of Hindi language users in 2019, residing in Uttar Pradesh. Report also highlighted how new creators from the state joining the platform this year to showcase their talent to become popular and achieve scale.

“Devotion” has topped the trend with over 15% users creating/ posting content on the genre this year. Interestingly “Romance and Relationships” is also high with over 13.74% content coming from the genre and is trending at no 2. UP as known for its “etiquettes” also reflecting in UP’s UGC behaviour with “Wishes” trending at NO 3 with 11.42% content.

With majority of the ShareChat users coming from 18-30 age group, UGC preference on “devotion” content definitely strikes an interesting insight in the social media space highlighting the diversity in content consumption patterns in India.

Thousands of creators joining the platform

Report also highlighted how thousands of new creators have joined ShareChat from different markets of UP including Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Merut, Amroha etc to showcase their talent and have become immensely popular in the region.

Growth of Video Content

Per ShareChat 2019 UP Trendz report, A total of 12.5 mn UGC was created on ShareChat by its users from UP which got more than 220 million WhatsApp shares this year. Everyday, around 1000 hours of videos gets uploaded on the platform, with an average of 13 seconds video play.

This trend is motivated by some exciting features and tools platform has that includes audio filters, face filters and tongue twisters helping users to create /recreate some interesting videos on their smartphones.

2019 Top Moments for UP

A thorough analysis on hashtags trending from UP reveals that people are equally engaged for both festivals and national issues. While people shown their angst on Pulwama Attack and reactions on General Elections and Ayodha Verdict, they were equally excited to celebrate Indian festivals including Diwali and Holi. Here are the top 5 moments on ShareChat in 2019 :-

1. Holi 2019

2. Ayodhya Verdict

3. Election 2019

4. Pulwama Attack, and tribute to martyrs

5. Diwali 2019

Commenting on the ShareChat UP Trendz report 2019, Mr Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer,ShareChat said “UP as a market demonstrates the sensitivity towards issues /events of national interests and celebrates “Indianness” in the form of all major cultural events, love for food and festivals, celebrated in the region, Synergies between UP and ShareChat makes it a preferred platform of choice for the native language users to connect and interact at a local level. We have grown phenomenally in this market over the years as we truly understand the heart and pulse of the market and connect well to our local audiences”

He further added, “Regional language usage has motivated the UGC behaviour in UP and has boosted the growth of micro influencers at a grass root level. Brands have already started engaging with their audience on ShareChat to drive hyper personalized brand experiences which are impactful and driving greater results”

In 2019, ShareChat witnessed the growth in the number of first time internet users joining the social media bandwagon with the availability of social media in their regional languages and participated actively in contributing to user generated content in native languages. The year also epitomized user-generated content in regional Indian languages well and truly coming into its own, with over 12.5 million posts in formats spanning images, videos, gifs according to findings from ShareChat’s 2019 Year End Trendz Report from UP.


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