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Shailesh Giri and Usha Mishra honored with 'FACE Rashtriya Gaurav Award

Shailesh Giri and Usha Mishra honored with ‘FACE Rashtriya Gaurav Award

20th annual Face Group honors Shailesh Giri, founder-director of North India’s number one PR compan with ‘Face Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2021’ , while Usha Mishra, managing director of Effective Communications Was awarded as the Guest of Honor. The program was held at JP Hotel in Padparganj.The award was presented by Delhi Assembly Speaker and Chief Guest of the program Ramnivas Goyal.The ceremony was chaired by Hafiz Osman, former commissioner of Uttar Pradesh, RTI. Alao, this award program of the Face Group honored selected 46 people from 20 states who had their own areas, such as social service, film, health, education, arts, literature, media, even during the Corona epidemic. Served the public in sports, administration etc.

The event was organised under the leadership of Dr. Mushtaq Ansari, Chairman of the FACE Group. Honourable guests like Zakir Khan-Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission, MLA S.K.Bagga Advocate, Padmashree Jitendra Singh Shunty, ServoCon CMD – Haji Qamaruddin Siddiqui,President of Delhi State Momin Conference- Haji Mohammad Imran Ansari, Chief Editor of Tehzeeb Channel- Maroof Raza, Film Producer – Neeraj Gupta, NDA Pal Singh- Deputy Director of DDA Vigilance, Kalim Khan- Chairman, Care India and Research Foundation, Rajni Subba – Founder of India Excise Organizatio and former National Commission for Scheduled Castes Co-ordinator – Haji Tajuddin Ansari and many others were present at the event.

Cultural and patriotic programs were also presented on the occasion, the act of poet Ana Dehalvi and junior Lata Mangeshkar Alvina Qureshi was mesmerizing.


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