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Shagun Singh, the mind behind Indian media company Little Letters Linked capturing young audience’s attention

Shagun Singh, the mind behind Indian media company Little Letters Linked capturing young audience’s attention

An introvert by nature and an entrepreneur by profession, Shagun Singh, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the media company known as Little Letters Linked.

All of 24, Shagun has multiple businesses on hand and takes each one of them more serious than the other. He has an executive degree from IIM Rohtak and enjoys photography and designing in his free time. A true Delhiite at heart, Singh loves his food first and everything else follows. Being an introvert, he often found peace in words and felt the freedom to vent out without fears. As George Herbert said, “Good words are worth much, and cost little.”

That, gave birth to the idea of Little Letters Linked.

What started as a hobby in the year 2018, is now one of the most promising content-driven media company, growing by heaps and bounds. Slowly stepping towards blooming into a fully functional media house operating mainly in storytelling with written, audio and video formats.

Mr Shagun Singh believes that the art of storytelling lies in saying more through less. In today’s era of digital domination, content is what drives businesses success. Little Letters Linked strives to touch your emotions and move you deeply in minimal words because we believe, less is more. Team LLL believes that words can do magic and speak the unspoken. They started off in the year 2018 with micro tales and soon expanded into various forms of content like snippets, short stories, current affairs and most recently ventured into blog writing. Initially they had divided micro-tales into broad categories mainly that of fiction, love, friendship, social issues and hate. Over time the write ups include more freestyle content and also like to experiment with the content uploaded each day. It gives the writer a wider horizon and also lets them play with words.

With 5,00,000 plus followers on Instagram and over 1 million likes on Facebook, they also now run an active website through web content, mainly blog writing. Their website is home to over 600 blogs that are updated every day. It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from entertainment, travel, food, fashion and lifestyle. With a team of about 25 people, Little Letters Linked has grown tremendously in the past one year and continues to grow rapidly.

Their Instagram page boosts of over 500,000 followers they enjoy a great engagement rate. They have over 7000+ stories and over 10 million weekly impressions. They believe that their main USP for attracting the reader is to always know their audience. For a media company like theirs, the target is mostly the young generation, widely between 18-38 years of age. They curate tales that are relatable to the audience at a mass and makes them instantly connect with it. That drives the engagement rate in form of likes, comments and shares.

The key here is to stay in the public eye without spamming them. The content that LLL provides is usually within 25-30 words at max. Except their recently introduced movie reviews, that follow a longer format. With content over flowing online, catching the reader’s attention is their mission. In today’s time of social media, small quirky captions, witty word play and moment marketing, LLL have learned the art of communicating with minimal number of words. Since its inception, they have also conducted multiple events in Delhi like Slam Poetry and Literature Workshops. Despite being currently only for Delhi audience , the response they received from the followers was so over whelming that they try to come back with events at the earliest. And try to do better with each time.

They also indulge in the art of storytelling in many ways. One of which is promoting suitable products on our platform and benefit the brand and our audience. Their aim is to redirect maximum engagement for the brand and provide knowledge to our audience about the respective brand through micro tales, conversation videos, polls, tags, letters etc.

Since 2018, they have witnessed a change in the reader pattern and what clicks with their audience. Apart from in-house writers, they also accept tales curated by writers all over that are submitted via their website and host a bunch of giveaways and contests to keep the audience engaged with their pages. Even though topics like friendship and love are the most-loved, with time they have gotten immense engagement on tales with satirical, comical and on some popular figures. We surely feel that they have taken micro fiction far, and succeed in it. And it has made them realize that there is a writer within all of us. A right platform is all one needs.

Their clientage majorly includes Oyo rooms, Uber Eats, Daniel Wellington, DailyObjects, Biryani By Kilo and Sri Ram College of Commerce to name a few.  While they don’t believe in talking about things before having them done. However, they did hint at coming up with lots of visual content and other exciting ventures soon. In the near future they aim at coming out with stories, movies and also sketches. They are also wish to launch their own e-commerce portal focusing mainly on providing various art and craft merchandise. They also to aim to get smaller businesses on their platform and provide them visibility and sales.

With video content being the most potent marketing aspect today across social media channels, it will be interesting to see how they go ahead with the same.


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