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Sense of a Quiet: - Jokes Never Exhaust, Laughter Does

Sense of a Quiet: – Jokes Never Exhaust, Laughter Does

An extremely powerful story of four people. In Deepak’s novel – Sense of a quiet published by Leadstart; a young man named Rohan another man Milind, and Diya his wife, embark on a journey of self-discovery with startling consequences.

The protagonist Rohan of the story is dealing with heartbreak, going through a divorce but as a character, His love, determined to see the world, sets the example of a committed someone. Milind and Diya were leading a prosperous life. Milind is a practical man having a realistic approach to life and existence. Whereas Diya is a doctor in a big private hospital. The three decide to live together as Rohan joins them in his turmoil. And everything that seems perfect, takes a role. The book swirls around external conflict as well as internal conflict. The book takes care of the sympathetic variation of this generation and its lack of acknowledgment.

Where the book mourns over losses, separation, and gaps. There is much more to mourn and be saddened about as the story moves forward.

If you are still dipping your toes into the literal fiction pool, find what works for you and what doesn’t. Books like Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal can be a great pick.

Deepak Kripal’s extremely emotionally powerful novel, ‘Sense of a Quiet’ introduces us to an influential cast of characters and concentrated on the injury encountered by each cast, and focuses on their point of view as they adjust to life in the chaos, often at the expense of their closest relationships. Where Deepak as a writer makes use of fractured timelines and serialized narrative methods that are particularly effective in conveying the tool of life the slow pace skill in using the aspect as an effective part of the narrative makes for an outstanding reading experience.

Sense of quiet acting slow in the beginning and maintains its pace till the end and that’s the best part of the book, you slowly unfold the reality and

Then you immediately see the truth of what the characters have resided. You would think things might have gotten better for this generation. But they have not. The emotional numbness, the episodic immobility of emotions this generation is suffering no one can ever understand. The novel contains many chapters, and each chapter unravels human psychology, internal conflict, and much more additional.

Deepak the author dauntlessly and firmly evaluates human behavior and its existence and shows us why. He pushes his characters relentlessly toward the pursuit of greater truth in his fiction and is a champion of tricky, carefully formulated plots and bold, unlikeable characters. The sense of quiet is a true joy to read: his story is propulsive, his conspiracy finely pitched, and his characters faultlessly practical particularly the protagonists of the story.

Deepak Kripal is a practicing doctor who authored his debut novel, ‘The Devil’s Gate: An Impossible Journey’, under Leadstart in 2013 which was critically acclaimed and received good reviews. He has deeply studied subjects like Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology that have hugely influenced the stories and thoughts he chooses to tell. He likes to experiment yet stay true to real-life issues that concern human existence in varied aspects of life. He credits his love for stories to the bedtime stories told to the imaginative child in him by his late grandfather.

The book starts curious and gets alien, in the best way apparent. Deepak seamlessly stirs modern authenticity with the tale, clouding the horizons in a way that brings out that niche, where stories and real-life convene, where magic contains fact and the world as it appears, is erroneous, where just about anything can happen, particularly in the pages of a very good book.

The plot mainly focuses on the development of the lead characters. The book is being layered nicely with human emotions and feelings. The characters in the plot kept me hooked till the end. The characters are well portrayed and each has been given sufficient scope to contribute to the plot. The language used is rational. The narration of the book is kept simple and easy making it a comfortable read for all the readers.

Make this one a must-read, so one can set their suspicions aside and dive in. The book has an altogether more personal, ulterior objective for wanting to read this book.

Reading would be pretty fun, but possibly little detail of the book keeps you intertwined and surprisingly question individuality everywhere but the lessons to take from it are still powerful.


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