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SaiShree Hospital First in Maharashtra Successfully Performed Surgery using Butterfly Prosthesis Technique

SaiShree Hospital First in Maharashtra Successfully Performed Surgery using Butterfly Prosthesis Technique

A remarkable achievement by Dr. Neeraj Adkar of Saishree Hospital for Special Surgery, he successfully performed first surgery in Maharashtra using the revolutionary GKS BUTTERFLY – The Rotating Hinged Knee System technique.

Global Knee System – Butterfly is a tri-compartmental rotating hinged knee which is stabilized in all planes & being available in both Primary & Revision Systems.

65-year-old Mr. Adhikarao Salunkhe patient met with an accident in 2012 in Karad. In the year 2018, he came to SaiShree Hospital Complaining about joint pain. Talking about his earlier accident history of 2012, the patient had malunited fracture and was operated due to the same. Malunion is a condition where the bone aligns improperly after breaking. It was the same with Mr. Salunkhe.

He was operated with intra-medullary nailing and subsequent implant removal was also done elsewhere.

The patient had osteoarthritis diagnosis in both his joints, thus he was operated for Bilateral Total Knee Replacement in SaiShree Hospital.

Later it was diagnosed that the patient was having infection in the right knee, and we had to do implant removal of the total knee replacement done on the right side. And antibiotic beads (cement spacer) were inserted in the patient’s right knee.

Due to earlier operative history and implant fixation & removal, several times it is noticed in such cases that there are chances of low grade infection which cannot be detected immediately.

When the infection was eradicated completely by using the antibiotic spacer, the patient underwent revision right TKR with butterfly prosthesis.

Throwing light on the Positive features of GKS butterfly technique, it has the presence of Two Rotation Axis, A much deepened Trochlear Groove for an optimal patella tracking, Asymmetrical shape of the femoral condyles & tibial articulating surface, that facilitates the Kinematic, Dynamic & tribiological functions that mimic the Natural Knee & the natural anatomy of the patient is almost reproduced.

Speaking with Dr. Neeraj Adkar, Pune’s leading Joint Preservation & Replacement Surgeon, Chairman and Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at SaiShree Hospital said, “Understanding the challenges in front of us, regarding the infected joint & the surgical history of the patient, I & my team believed that the butterfly technique would be an ideal solution to use while operating the patient for his revision joint replacement surgery.”

Highlights of GKS techniques:

It is USFDA approved German joint technique.

It is considered to be one of the cost-effective options available in market.

Surgically, it is trouble free & high standard and mainly pocket friendly for the patient

This particular implant should only be carried out in complex cases, not in primary cases

It is useful in the times, when TKR cases is unsuccessful or loosening of the implant is noticed or complex fractures after the total knee replacement is seen.

Both Uncemented and Cemented options are available in this technique.

Adhikarao Salunkhe quotes, “I got excellent medical treatment experience during my TKR operation. I was paranoid about the thought of surgery since it would have been my third or fourth surgery since I met with the accident in 2008.

When I came to SaiShree hospital, it felt like it was an appropriate profitable decision. Since, I got the best treatment which not only made me pain free but also proved to be cost-effective. This technique is very useful for patients like me,” said patient.

It took around 2 hours for the procedure & the patient was discharged on the 4th day of the surgery. The patient returned to his routine daily chores. The surgery of revision TKR was done under the supervision of Dr. Neeraj Adkar Chairman & Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, SaiShree Hospital.


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