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Rohan Singh soon to Launch Punjabi Talent in Bollywood soon

One of the famous name in Bollywood Celebrity managers Rohan Singh can be seen in Upcoming Big Boss Season 13 and Currently he is busy to launch Punjabi Talent in his upcoming Movie Punjabi Sher.

Rohan Singh is one of the most popular and trusted celebrity managers in Bollywood. He is the man behind some amazing talents we have seen in the film industry. What makes Rohan better than others is the way he smoothly works with the celebrities who seek out to him for help when it comes to social media. He has worked with a lot of celebs and helped them in completely understanding social media and making it a friendly place for these stars.

Soon, Rohan Singh will be launching several Punjabi talents in Bollywood. The Hindi film industry already has several artists working from various film industries from the country. It would be interesting to see who all Rohan is planning to launch.

Rohan Singh said, “Bollywood is open to all if a person is talented enough and knows his craft very well. The talents I am going to launch are already popular and good with their work.”


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