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Read How Muhammed Akief’s Brothers Helped Him In Becoming A Social Media Sensation

Read How Muhammed Akief’s Brothers Helped Him In Becoming A Social Media Sensation

Comedy is not as easy as it looks. Entertaining and making people laugh is the biggest challenge. Blessed are those who possess this quality of bringing joy and happiness in people’s lives. Muhammed Akief is a content creator who has expertise in making comedy videos. Born and brought up in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, the young influencer is currently staying in Kannur, Kerala. He has got great entrepreneurship skills and during his free time, Muhammed utilized it in making videos along with his brothers Sabiq, Arshad and Nihal. He always aimed to become an actor or a director and to fulfil his dreams he made a short film. However, he failed in his execution as he had no experience in directing films.

After several failed attempts, Muhammed along with his friend Sugin decided to create short video content such as vines. After shooting the video, he was not confident to upload it on social media as he was scared of getting criticisms. On the insistence of his brothers, he uploaded the video and within an hour or two, it went viral on Facebook as many popular pages shared his video. “I was shocked when Nihal woke me up and said that my video is breaking the internet. I thought he was joking but to my surprise, it happened in real.” His first video ‘When foreigners try to be like Arab’ took the internet by storm and in no time, it crossed more than 100K views on Facebook. As of today, the video has got more than 1.4 million views on YouTube and he has built a strong fanbase of 220K subscribers.

“I really felt happy when people told me that my videos made their day. It’s a surreal experience to be the reason behind someone’s happiness”, said Muhammed. After creating a lot of English content, he tried his hand in making content in the Malayalam language. His first video, ‘That One American Mallu’ was a huge success and he got an overwhelming response for it. After that, he never looked back and created more of such viral content including ‘A Mandan From London’ and ‘The Wifi Password’ scene which took everyone’s attention. The video was re shared on many Instagram pages as well as on TikTok. On his TikTok page, the video crossed more than 2.6 million views and got more than 320K likes. The young internet star can’t thank his fans enough for garnering so much love on him. Moreover, many people are not aware of the fact that the people in his videos are none other than his brothers who have constantly supported him in making him an internet sensation. Let’s see what novel content Muhammed Akief brings for his fans in the coming days.


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