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Ranveer expands music label in pandemic, launches a new hip-hop artist Devil The Rhymer!

Ranveer Singh expands music label in pandemic, launches a new hip-hop artist Devil The Rhymer!

Despite the pandemic ravaging the media and entertainment industry, supertar Ranveer Singh has decided to expand his passion project, the independent music record label called IncInk. He owns this label with producer Navzar Eranee and their mission is to unearth the future superstars of the music scene in India. Ranveer wants his company to be a support system for brilliant talents with no connection to the music industry and present their raw talent to a global audiences. Ranveer and Navzar have signed a new artist, Devil The Rhymer aka Abhay Prasad, who will be the record label’s fourth artist after Kaam Bhari, Spitfire and Slow Cheeta.

Speaking about his decision of expansion, Ranveer says, “IncInk is committed to discovering and promoting new musical talents from across the country. Our passion project is a platform for budding musicians who we believe will change the music industry in the near future and the signing of Devil is one step forward in that direction.”

About Abhay, Ranveer adds, “He is a brilliant artist and a true poet of his generation. At just 21, he is definitely an artist who is set to take the centre-stage in indie rap/hip-hop industry of India. His flow is unique and matchless. He can spit like a machine gun in a manner unseen or unheard before. He stands out and his style is very striking. We believe in him and it is a huge moment for Navzar and me to present our fourth artist to the world.”

Ranveer says he was wowed by Abhay as soon as he heard him. “Before I knew his name, I heard him rap. I was like who is that guy. Speed, depth and fearlessness at its highest expression. I want that feeling, to be immersed in his artistry as a listener. Can’t wait for the drop!” he says.

Navzar feels Devil The Rhymer, who hails from Delhi, is an unique and uninhibited artist whose lyrical depth will surprise audiences. Devil is currently working on projects which will be out later this year under the record label. IncInk is also dropping their latest song titled Mehfil-E-HipHop which is a celebration of collaboration, unity and inclusivity, a bond that music solidifies even more so during such unprecedented times.

The track features all four talents of IncInk – Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, SlowCheeta and Devil the Rhymer. Each artist with their own individualistic style and flair, though cities apart – came together for a song produced by Nuka (Anushka Manchanda). The song was created and the music video was shot entirely during lockdown. As a self-shoot project undertaken by the artists from their respective homes, they were remotely guided by Navzar.

Co-Founder of IncInk, Navzar Eranee, says, “ ‘Mehfil’ denotes a courtly, yet intimate performance shared with friends, family and music lovers. ‘E’ denotes the electronic age, the age of digital exchange and ‘Hip Hop’ is the voice of the soul. In a time when people are using fear to ostracize each other, it only made sense for the artists to bond together within a song. Once again, they inspire me!”


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