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Rakh tu Hausla released; a dedication to Mumbai and its brave police force

Rakh tu Hausla released; a dedication to Mumbai and its brave police force

Amidst the nationwide Coronavirus pandemic that has forced all of us to re-think our priorities, “Rakh tu Hausla”, an extremely powerful and motivational song created by Pravin Talan and presented by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series in support of the Mumbai Police Foundation has been released today.

A very strong buzz had already been created around the song as top Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Tiger Shroff, Rajkummar Rao and Mallika Sherawat and many others had tweeted the trailer from the Mumbai Police twitter handle.

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji, makes a unique appearance in the video, opening it with a powerful message in her voice with a calm reassurance that these difficult times will change. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Mr Parambir Singh who has led the force from the front in this crisis, makes a rare appearance in the video to boost the morale of his force and Mumbaikars.

“Rakh tu Hausla” is not just another video song but a journey into the heart and spirit of Mumbai city and its police force, shot during the dreaded lockdown. The cinematic interpretation of Mumbai under lockdown, the stunning visuals and the city police on duty overwhelms you with emotions.

Bhushan Kumar, CMD, T-Series, maintains that the police force has played a very important role during this pandemic across the globe. He says, “Rakh tu Hausla is the first song that’s dedicated to extraordinary efforts of the police force. Releasing the video on our platform is our way of showing our gratitude to the Corona warriors and we sincerely hope the audience
gets motivated and we work together towards a bright and safe future.” Kumar has always strived to contribute towards the country through his music to help raise funds and also entertain the audiences at the same time.

Ace photographer and film-maker, Pravin Talan, the creator of the video has been closely working with various police and armed forces and the Disaster Management Department. Talking about the video he says, “I have spent umpteen anxious nights during this period because of all the risks, but in my heart I just knew that this story needed to be told. This song is not just about Mumbai Police but perhaps about every policeman and Corona warrior across the country and the world. And thankfully, with T-Series, we have the best music platform to create that outreach.”

As Covid-19 surfaced, all frontline warriors, whether it was the cops, the health workers or civic officials and the Fire personnel – all faced an unprecedented threat, an invisible deadly enemy, a highly contagious virus that spared no one. This pandemic has thrown up umpteen inspiring stories of the many roles a police man has played in this period — from that of a protector to a provider and a friend. The cops have even acted as extended family members by performing last rites of the deceased when no one came forward to claim the bodies. It is a tribute to that undying human spirit.

No war is ever fought without casualties. As of 31st May 2020, 1508 Mumbai Police personnel have been infected by the deadly virus and 16 have lost their lives.

Rani Mukerji who makes a short but stellar appearance in the video comments, “Today the world is battling its greatest battle against Coronavirus. In these difficult times, the people who are battling this crisis head on, heroically are frontline workers like medical personnel, the brave soldiers and the police force, who are out risking their lives in order to keep us safe. As a Mumbaikar, I say a big Thank You to the Mumbai Police Foundation from the bottom of my heart for their service and to all their families for the courage and sacrifice that they have displayed during this extraordinary time. Their bravery, sacrifice and service will be remembered for years to come. So, let’s all help them by following all the norms and rules during this lockdown period and be sensitised to protect them too. We owe it to them and their loved ones. Jai Hind.”
The war against Covid-19 continues but human spirit shall prevail over anything else. People can reach out to Mumbai Police and support the Mumbai Police Foundation on the link www.mumbaipolicefoundation.com

“Rakh tu Hausla” has been written by Pravin Talan and Poonam Talan with creative direction by Rupali Saagar, music by Nipoo Khound and recorded in the soulful voice of Swarit Nigam. The inspirational video releases on the T-Series YouTube channel today.

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