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Pranav Rastogi and Jagrit Pratap Singh talk about the latest trends in Social Media Content

Pranav Rastogi and Jagrit Pratap Singh talk about the latest trends in Social Media Content

Breaking the internet used to be a term which one would use once in a blue moon up until a few years ago. However, it now seems that everyone is breaking the internet on a rather frequent basis. Almost every day there is a new challenge on social media, or there is a dance video – or even an emoji that gets viral! There is just so much going on and creating viral content requires you to keep an eye out on all of it – and this is not an easy task. Just ask Pranav Rastogi, the co-founder of Pollination Media, and he will tell it to you in detail.

25-year-old Pranav, who hails from Dehradun but runs his media organization out of Delhi, is the name behind a number of successful digital properties as well as media outlets. He handles the social media presence of several A-list Hollywood celebrities and also doubles up as a consultant for managing the media of various eminent personalities.

Pranav, along with his partners Jagrit Pratap Singh and Arjit Singh, also teams up with a number of production houses and media firms in India and the US to provide them with video views for trailers of their upcoming films. He has delivered over a billion video views so far and has helped connect over 20 Million fans to various digital properties in just two years.

Rastogi also owns and manages Hiptoro, which started off as a viral entertainment platform and was ranked among the top 200 websites in the world in just 7 days of its launch. However, he has since decided to convert it into a news organization which provides updates on all the latest and trending news stories from all over the world. The reportage on Hiptoro ranges from entertainment and cinema to sports, politics and technology among other things.

In addition to all of this, Rastogi, who is fond of biking and riding across the hills of India, also runs a digital media outlet called life of a Rider which is basically a platform for riders from all over the world to come together and interact. It helps create a bonding between riders and has become the go-to destination for anyone on the internet looking up for content regarding riding and biking!

Commenting on breaking the Internet, Pranav says: nowadays everyone claims to be breaking the internet! The internet seems to have become quite fragile (chuckles). However, that phrase aside, good content does seem to stand out more often than ever before and every few days we see short-lived trends that make it real big. Like millions of hits in a matter of a few hours! You’ve got to keep an eye out for the latest trends. It has become really important these days.


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