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Palak Muchhal & Jordan Sandhu’s ‘Chahtaan & Dard’ from T-Series MixTape Punjabi Season 2 is a melodic masterpiece!

Palak Muchhal & Jordan Sandhu’s ‘Chahtaan & Dard’ from T-Series MixTape Punjabi Season 2 is a melodic masterpiece!

Starting with the concept of bringing different artists together on one platform to create great compositions, T-Series MixTape Punjabi Season 2, produced by Bhushan Kumar and presented by Amazon Prime Music has become synonymous with good music. With its power packed renditions, the show has been successful in engaging both national and international audience like never before. The latest mix ‘Chahtaan & Dard’ by Palak Muchhal and Jordan Sandhu will certainly get you hooked on to MixTape forever. The beautifully-penned verse in this song talks about the angst in love. Jordan and Palak’s soulful vocals is sheer magic together.

Sahas Malhotra, Director, Amazon Prime Music, said, “All the songs this season are gaining popularity day by day. Prime members are enjoying listening to the songs back to back on the Mixtape Punjabi Season 2 playlist, all ad free on Amazon Prime Music. We are delighted to bring yet another exciting new performance by Palak Muchhal and Jordan Sandhu’ mixtape of Chahtaan / Dard for our customers”

Palak informs, “I absolutely love both the compositions because they are high on emotions and romance which required me to completely pour my heart out and sing. Combining two songs is like combining two different worlds but the experience was absolutely amazing. Working with Radhika ma’am and Vinay sir is always fun and I think this is one of our best works together. Working with T-Series feels like home and that energy reflects in our work. We had no formal rehearsal but it just came out naturally and I hope people are able to connect with the emotions.”

Director Vinay Sapru adds, “When we were rehearsing and shooting the song on the set, Jordan was almost moved to tears. That was the intensity of the song and the way he felt about the lyrics and emotions. It’s about the cry for love, beautifully arranged by Abhijit (Vaghani). Both the singers are wearing red, which is the colour of the heart! And that’s how the soul connect is happening visually also. When you listen to the song you will be able to relate to the angst and lyrics and rendition by Jordan and Palak.”

Sharing his musical experience, Jordan says, “It is my first song which I shot in Mumbai since I shoot mostly in Punjab and Delhi. The genre and feel of both the songs are similar and that has come out well. The experience was unique and nice because I haven’t shot for a song in this kind of a set-up before.”

Presented by Amazon Prime Music and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Palak Muchhal and Jordan Sandhu’s episode of MixTape Punjabi Season 2 is available first on Amazon Prime Music for Prime members to enjoy giving listeners an ad-free, voice enabled listening experience.


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