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Navjyot Gurudatta - A Roadie In Real Life With Entrepreneur Spirit

Navjyot Gurudatta – A Roadie In Real Life With Entrepreneur Spirit

Navjyot Gurudatta is an Entrepreneur who also works as a social media expert. He works with celebrities that make him popular as well. His social media work also helps him to socialize with big celebrities personally.

When asked about his experience while working as social media expert Navjyot says, “I’m working as a social media expert for a long time. I’ve designed many campaigns that help in brand building. This helps me established me as a social media expert as well as earn a good name in the entertainment industry. Whenever I helped celebrities getting their profile verified, they support me by giving shout-outs among their followers. This makes me popular among celebrity fan base as well helps me socialize among celebrities. In addition, many other benefits that strengthen my career as a social media expert.

Navjyot, who is now a successful name in the world of social media management, shared the importance of social media in establishing brand popularity. While sharing his experiences Navjyot explained the importance of social media for brand building. According to him, the effective use of social media helps in establishing the business and its potential growth. Brand awareness involves the creation of the content that will drag users attention, generate leads, increase brand visibility and make a strong follower base.
He manages celebrities accounts so that they get a good exposure on social media accounts in a more effective way. He also curates a campaign to help them reach the set target and solve their social media problem. His works makes him popular both in India as well as overseas.

Social Media Marketing is now considered as a popular tool for the promotion of business among marketers, startups, celebrities who wish to optimize their online presence and increase their sales. Businesses around the globe are discovering methods through which they can generate good leads from social media and get brand visibility as well as good traction. This contributes to their success and help them grow their online business.

According to Navjyot, “A good social media marketing strategy helps in establishing brand, create awareness and generate leads for good business opportunities.”

Navjyot believes that social media has boost hobby like photography, travelling, and food. They are now a full-fledged career option with the increase in users of social media, who do photography and traveling to keep their fans at Instagram up to date.

On this note, we give our best wishes to Navjyot for his future.


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