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Muhammed Aqib, a marketing enthusiast delivering results performance-based

Muhammed Aqib, a marketing enthusiast delivering results performance-based

“An idea to bring in change, this is where all successful plans begin. Understanding the market for the memes and how it has emerged as a thriving profession, the start was made and it continued. It took time but finally in the year 2011 The BACK Benchers got live, and businesses started approaching with a realization, of how memes can really be helpful and well, this is how the journey began with one step at a time”, said Muhammed Aqib T P, a well-known marketing enthusiast who is working towards delivering best.

None makes a successful beginning. It comes along with time and the journey towards such success-making path for Aqib; it began at a very young age.He has created a name in the field of Performance Marketing. As of today, he is the owner of Beeyams media, a performance-based marketing agency and the COO of the page, The BACK Benchers, which has more than 4 million followers across India. Aqib is an engineer and, as of today, a marketing enthusiast who has worked extensively on app marketing and e-commerce too.

Not many accomplish so much without the hard work, and for Aqib, he never backs out from it. He is responsible for a majority of campaigns that happen across Facebook. He has been successful in meeting the demands of companies and serving major online shopping brands. As per the news, his marketing agency, Beeyams media is the marketing partner for Oda Class, an EdTech platform, also working with many cross-border clients, who reached out in the need of an expert from the local Indian advertising. The demand for their services is increasing not just in India but also overseas and in specific from Middle-East. The Performance Marketing company is currently also working with some well-known shopping platform of UAE and Saudi Arabia like VanityKart and also serving universities based in Middle-East.

“Hard work always pays off but more than the pay off, it is important to keep an eye on the customer satisfaction and successful running of the program or campaigns. Well, this is what I believe in and I know there are many companies who are still waiting out for promotion through memes, making shot to stay ahead during competition and ensuring that their product launches, get the response just as they want. I am just trying to figure out new means to serve around, and I will continue to do this, ” said Aqib, who understands how the market works within his work arena and sees the scope that exists around.

His in-depth knowledge is extreme in the field of application-based industry and, most importantly, the social apps. Some of his previous works, like one with Viva Video and VidStatus, brought in an extension opportunity in media advertising, and today the partner agencies which he is currently working with are spending up to $20,000 per day to grab the market.

It is not easy to select the right platform, generate the traffic and convert the shoppers into the paying customers, but with the efforts and the hard work which the agency has put in, the companies are not just able to retain new customers but are also attracting new ones. His understanding of e-commerce has made him avoid some simple mistakes and oversights.

From UAE to India, Aqib’s journey has brought in many changes, and today, he controls around 80 pages on the digital platform and also lends high-end digital proficiency through social media. He has handled many celebrity pages in the past and executed social media campaigns for some of the well-known brands like OnePlus, Flipkart, Sony, Air Asia, Paytm, Lays, Lifestyle, Adidas, Star Plus, and many more. He was also the social media marketing manager for VivaVideo and VidStatus India, the downloads of the which crossed 700m combined.

His strategies are relevant, and his efforts appreciable. His realization as to how important role today Facebook pages play are paying him off, as the companies are taking the help of him for promoting themselves through it as for they know, what he has as a part of the strategy, it’s hard to find someplace else.


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