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Movie to be made on IPS D Roopa's whistle-blowing act
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Movie to be made on IPS D Roopa’s whistle-blowing act

Movies have the ability to influence us. Some movies entertain us, some educate us while some enlighten us. Karnataka’s top cop D Roopa exposed large scale irregularities in the Bengaluru Central Prison last year.

AIADMK Leader VK Sasikala was receiving preferential treatment despite being convicted in the disproportionate assets (DA) case.

Political influence can ruin any apolitical institution. The Indian Police Force is probably one of the most revered departments within the country. Honest & courageous police officers are never forgotten. For any country to reach its acme, certain respectable institutions must remain apolitical.

Some of the previous governments in India have made attempts to destroy the integrity of these meritorious institutions.

Noted filmmaker AMR Ramesh has decided to make a movie on D Roopa’s brave whistleblowing act. The Director who has come up with films such as ‘Cyanide’ in the past, has already met DIG Roopa twice. The news has already been confirmed by DIG Roopa on her Facebook handle and the movie is set to be out in the month of September. On September 16, DIG Roopa received the President’s Medal for meritorious service last year.

For an officer who has served the Police force since 2000, she is a woman with impeccable integrity. She could have easily entered the world of glamor, but she chose to serve the country instead. She had won the ‘Miss Davangare’ title twice, but her stint at the NCC (both in school & college) motivated her to join the police force. She stood 43rd in the UPSC exams & chose to be an IPS officer, inspired by her idol & India’s first woman IPS officer, Kiran Bedi.

Bedi had spoken out in support of DIG Roopa after she exposed the preferential treatment that was being given to certain powerful & influential prisoners. It takes a lot of courage to take on the system. Courageous officers like D Roopa have helped in keeping the people’s faith intact in the system. Yes, there are corrupt people in almost every institution. But an entire institution cannot suffer just because some of them have lost their ethical values.

The movie is not a biopic. It will be based on D Roopa’s famous whistleblowing act, which for the nth time exposed the prevailing flaws in our system. There’s no need to cringe; we just need to make a sincere effort to stand by those who protect the system. When you delve deep into any honest officer’s life, you figure out that power is nothing but a state of mind – earned through honest & selfless service.


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