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Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar get candid about transforming into Gunnu and Sattu on Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons

Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar get candid about transforming into Gunnu and Sattu on Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons

Sony SAB’s path-breaking, light-hearted show Kaatelal & Sons is motivating story of two sisters, Garima (Megha Chakraborty) and Susheela (Jiya Shankar) who challenge societal norms and face hardships head-on, the show is about stereotyped gender roles which are deeply rooted in peoples’ mindsets in our society. The lead actresses of Kaatelal & Sons were recently seen disguising as boys, Gunnu and Sattu.

Unlike other look transformation, Megha and Jiya’s look change was rather unique and exciting experience in itself. The duo detail their experience of the transformation into Gunnu and Sattu from Garima and Shushila respectively and what all it takes for them to don this new look.

Talking about the their own reaction to this new look as a boy, Megha shared,“I was surprised because I used to think that the male look will not suit me, but when I saw myself into the mirror, I observed a huge transformation in myself, my face and even body language. I was thrilled to see witness myself look convincing as a boy.”Jiya added, “It was really nice. I knew I would look smart and good dressed as a boy. While my family and fans loved this new look, my friends on the other hand pulled my leg.”

A lot goes on while transforming into an entirely new character. Megha and Jiya narrate their experience of transforming into their boy disguise while taking us through the minute details. Megha shared, “I think the look is fascinating and also the most comfortable. We both are wearing baggy jeans and shirt with some accessories as well. I feel the trickiest bit is the wig and the entire process of covering up our natural hair to put the wig on. Additionally, we also put on side burns. Since the wig needs to be tightly fit, the clip does hurt by the end of the day but the overall experience makes it satisfactory.” Jiya on the other hand had a different take, “I love the look and somehow the wig doesn’t bother me so much. It takes about 15-20 minutes for me to get into this look. What I like about this look is the attention to details, from our foundation colours to the choice of accessories and our ripped jeans. Gunnu and Sattu have the true essence of Rohtak. Also, the most comforting part about the look is wearing sports shoots throughout the day.”

While the look transformation was only the first step for the ladies, the real struggle was the voice modulation and ensuring they deliver the dialogues in a male tone flawlessly. Megha reveals, “Getting into the look was still easier but speaking as a boy and maintaining that throughout along with a stead body language was the most difficult part about this transformation.” Jiya further added, “I struggled a lot during the first week of our transformation. While we have to change our voice, we also need to ensure the Haryanvi accent. So sometimes, I used to keep forgetting either the voice or the accent. It is definitely getting better with time.”

The duo concluded by saying, “This is something new we are trying and while our fans and viewers are supporting us and appreciating Kaatelal & Sons,we hope they love this new look and twist in the show and continue to get inspired from Gunnu and Sattu too.”


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