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Meet the new age Soulpreneur Tanveey Kapur a psychic, life coach & successful businesswoman

Meet the new age Soulpreneur Tanveey Kapur a psychic, life coach & successful businesswoman

It is said that’ “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” Tanveey Kapur is justifying each word of this saying with her soulpreneurship and her undivided attention towards enhancing lives of those that need direction and compass.

Tanveey Kapur is a psychic who believes in her blessed intuition that she can contribute in making people’s lives better and give them a chance at happiness. It is obvious that life will throw good and bad blows which might affect individuals in a depressing manner and they might not be able to find a solution. Tanveey Kapur comes to the rescue for individuals like these.

Tanveey Kapur is a Clairvoyant and Professional Tarot Card reader and she uses her profession in the best interest of the people. Her beliefs and her aims as a Soulpreneur are worth the praise. Tanveey Kapur is a trained professional in Crystal Work, Past Life Regression, Talking to Entities, Body Work and Access Consciousness. She can enlighten people about their health, business, love life, relationships etc.

To uphold her training and her knowledge, she founded The Crystal Wellness which gives individuals alternative solutions through crystal healing in their areas of struggle and stress. Tanveey Kapur is also the Founder of NRGWORKERS which is an initiative and a platform that spreads awareness and promotes healers & therapists worldwide. Tanveey believes Energy is Our First Language & uses that as a primary directional element in her life.

Tanveey Kapur is a one stop destination or even the safe place for people to open up about their problems and get a clear and informed solution about the same. Tanveey has also been very actively associating with people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and on Instagram. The one reason she does not fail to comply with her associates and her clients is that she believes in serving people for good and this is why she makes the best use of the internet and social media. Tanveey has been posting videos on her social media accounts that would be helpful to everybody who is seeking information based on such things.

In addition to being a soulpreneur, Tanveey is also a very vibrant and energetic entrepreneur and is defined as a very powerful woman in the business world. She is the founder of Havishaa Global which is a multi-dimensional business platform to provide people the intel with luxury branding, art, fashion and lifestyle. Tanveey Kapur has been a hard working woman and has never stopped pursuing her dreams and her aspirations regardless of the toil that was required for her to invest. Tanveey acquired a degree in Bachelors of Business Admisnistration and a degree in Bachelors of Commerce. Tanveey is also trained and proficient in Retail Store Operations Management as well as in Fashion and Styling. Tanveey was credited as the third Indian contributor for Getty Images from India in 2017.

The contribution and the labour that Tanveey put in to attain her knowledge in these fields is commendable. In a country like India, Tanveey is an example that a woman can be the best of everything, if she is strong-willed and confident. Tanveey has been very humble and helpful to everyone who has pursued her help. The reviews are clear evidence that Tanveey continues to be the best at her profession.

Tanveey Kapur is a globally recognized face and she has been an inspiring woman on the national platform. Her aims and her aspirations do not halt at the stage that she has reached till date, but she still believes that there are no limits to learning new things every day and giving the best of it to the world in order to make lives worth living. She has inspired people to live good and holistic lives not only through her profession but also her inspirational and motivating quotes and writings. To cater to the needs of people, that would help them evolve in their personal & professional lives in a wholesome manner, is a passion for Tanveey Kapur. To succeed in this journey that she has started, Tanveey Kapur strives to become the best version of herself every day.


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