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May I Come In~ Khuraafat rocked the banners with a fantastic kickstart of his career.

May I Come In~ Khuraafat rocked the banners with a fantastic kickstart of his career.

The attainment of the enormous love on the release of the song, “MAY I COME IN”. Now since the song is released it is loved by all hearts and has crossed 100k views on YouTube. People all around the Globe are showing much deserving love to the video, and as a result, it has crossed 100k views and enormous number of likes in just two weeks on this, much pronounced and competitive social platform.

This project was sponsored by the “ASLI DIGITAL MEDIA”, a Utopian brand. A very extremely young and talented rapper, just 21-year-old KHURAAFAT, has this song as a kick start of his colourful career. Khuraafat had passion of music since childhood. Khuraafat aka Abhishek Kumar is a Graphic designer which is his side hustle and is very passionate multitalented personality to get himself established in this field of music but, luck was really hard with him despite of his hard work. But when he got involved in this project he got his stars brighter and for the very first time it was his luck as he got such great immense support from sponsers like Asli Digital Media, and with the help of ADM team it was possible for him to reach enormous number of audience, and get recognition on such a competitive platform and it was possible because of online promotions done by ADM due to which he got attention of a huge crowd and got famous on different platforms like youtube, Tik tok which assisted in leading him in the right direction. And this song is really proving to be a kick start of his career setting his standards really high.

Youtube Video Link: https://youtu.be/qbiK73M6gTc 

The credits for music of the song goes to D-MATERIALZ. The mixing and mastering of the song by CRUZE. The music video has special effects of the two DOPs, Amit and David. Other than, Khuraafat the female leads of the song are Looana and Kritika. To add more of the excellence the edits and VFX are done by EM IT. The music is launched under the label Artzilla Records. The project head was ANUSHREE as her efforts made it sufficient for the team to work together, and make the project successful as it crossed 100k views on youtube in just 2 weeks.

Asli Saif the Line Producer of the project. He is a very keen personality. Saif is one of those rare persona who knows what struggle actually means and if a person gets a right direction to move in, it adds to their luck and will help them to grow. As Saif himself was a great fan of music since childhood but due to hard luck and financial problems he was not able to continue his passion. But with time he realised the reality of an underground artist in India and its even more difficult for Rappers and Hip-Hop artists to flourish their passion. So, Asli Daud the founder of ASLI DIGITAL MEDIA along with the CO-founder Asli Saif, are working and providing chances to such people who are the underground artists and helping them to enlighten their paths in right direction. Asli Daud says ” We know the ground reality of the struggling artists and specially in the field of Hip-Hop and rapping. Most people don’t even realise what these artists go through in their struggling period, but i know very well how difficult it is for them to get recognition. We have the eyes to identify the real talents existing. So, we are a team working on it providing the much needed guidance and promotional exercises to make them reach huge number of audiences.”

According to Asli Daud’s belief more and more people should come forward to help these artists and should always keep in mind that these are the artists who deserve respect and credibility similar to renowned artists in any other field. And this is how a young talented artist like Khuraafat emerged out with flying colours with the help of the ADM a team with a very distinguished and clear vision of helping people who showcase the real talents.


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