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‘Main Dhundu Kaha Mujhe…’ by Shivani Dave and Neha Sadhale Will Help Find New You!

‘Main Dhundu Kaha Mujhe…’ by Shivani Dave and Neha Sadhale Will Help Find New You!

Heartbreaks are bitter and packs the punch to knock you down, but only if you are unsuspecting, weak and gullible, otherwise they work very well in your favor if you look at it as emotional quotient enhancing exercise.

Shivani Dave’s single in association with Filmix Studios, ‘Main Dhundu Kaha Mujhe…’ finds its protagonist in similar predicament and captures her imminent journey from being totally hopeless to self discovery.

On the occasion of crossing incredible 1 Lakh views milestone, we peeped in the world of young duo behind this trending music video, Shivani and Neha Sadhale.

We prodded Shivani about her initiation in music world and her eyes lit up, “ I was very much inclined to music from the age of mere 5-6…my dad is into music and writing …so it was a very natural progression for me from a childhood hobby to trained professional singing.”

We asked, why this melancholic mood for your first song?

Neha, composer of the song and also the partner of Filmix Studios , chipped in “ everybody falls in love and most of the time fails in love too. Looking at the delicate emotional state of mind, chances of youngsters damning themselves are much more. So we wanted to bring out the positivity from the pounding much of a life lesson learnt while surviving a heartbreak”.

Can we dub it as a 2019’s ‘BreakUp song’ ?

Both laughed heartily Shivani said “ Yes you may say so with the kind of fan base it has generated in shortest time”.

So how was your personal ride as you put out this song independently?

Shivani heaves sigh of relief as if she came out of an ordeal “ Quite tumultuous ride to tell you the truth. We were in search of melodious song that will inspire youngsters. Neha is a fabulous composer, we were working on this song for quite a while and we wanted it to be a unique project, so our search for right melody was on for almost an year. Once we struck chord, literally came in Amarr Rathod to pen down the lyrics”.

Then Neha joins Shivani, “ The lyrics came out to be very powerful which made my job as a Composer very much demanding. I had to create passion, melancholy and hope in the climax all in one song. Shivani made great justice to lyrics and composition along with Ishwaku’s supporting vocals”.

Lyrics, Composition, Vocals have turned out excellent but what is being appreciated is the video. So how it shaped up?

Neha smilingly looks at Shivani. Shivani elaborates, “We wanted to rope in Script Writer and Director but then we thought as I have internalized the mood of the song for singing, why not I only write the script and shoot it, as visualization will be an easy and organic outcome for me, so tried my hand and I am glad that people are liking the kind of suspense, abstract treatment of it.”

Neha added, “ We were quite lucky to have talented technical crew too. Video was filmed beautifully by Sagar Ghimiray & Darshan Shinde. Hrishikesh Argade’s crisp editing and Graphics by Rahul’s Creativity have made the whole experience completely immersive”

So What’s next?

The excitement is palpable in Shivani’s voice as she wrapped up our little conversation by assuring “ The success for this single has overwhelmed and humbled us and at the same time gathered wind beneath our wings to explore different genres. We can tell our viewers only this much and the wait will be definitely worth it


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