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’Luck does play a role,’; Nora Fatehi and Trevor Noah as key speakers at the Qatar web summit – A glimpse into the future of music and tech

The Qatar web summit that was held recently was a star-studded affair with some great discussions in the realms of tech that highlighted the evening. Global superstar Nora Fatehi took the stage for an insightful conversation with Robert Kyncl, the CEO of Warner Music Group. This also marks their first public appearance together after announcing their ground breaking deal.

Being the first Bollywood actress ever to grace the FIFA World Cup and the first North African Arab female to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube, Nora continues to break glass ceilings and win hearts of the people, globally.

The discussion between Nora Fatehi and Robert Kyncl delved into the intersection of technology and the music industry, exploring how artists and labels, particularly Warner Music Group, leverage tech and social media to innovate Artist content and propel it forward. It also threw light on the transformative role of tech and the forward-thinking approach of both the artist and the label in adapting to the evolving landscape of entertainment.

One key theme of the conversation was the untapped potential of super fans within the music industry. Both agreed that the music industry has yet to fully harness the power of super fans – the audience that consumes the most content and spends the most. Highlighting plans for a dedicated app, Warner Music Group aims to connect with and engage super fans in a more direct and meaningful way.

Nora Fatehi expressed her excitement about working with Warner Music Group, emphasizing the resources and opportunities they provide for experimentation and global reach. She stated, “At least we get the resources to try. We were discussing the success of it all, and I told you it really depends on the content and sometimes luck. Luck does play a role. At least what’s great about Warner is that they provide the resources, the platforms, and the marketing ability to reach out to a more global scale.”

Robert Kyncl further elaborated on the mindset required to become a global superstar, drawing parallels between artists and startup founders. According to him, artists like Nora Fatehi approach their careers with immense preparation, focus, ambition, relentless work, and a disciplined schedule. Nora added, “And a level of work ethics also!”

Looking ahead, Nora Fatehi shared her plans for the coming year, revealing that she is currently working on a track that blends Canadian, Moroccan, and Indian elements that will tell her unique story. She expressed her eagerness to shoot the music video and release the song, setting her sights on potentially gracing the Super Bowl stage in the future.

As Nora Fatehi continues to push boundaries and Warner Music Group embraces innovation, their collaboration promises exciting developments for music enthusiasts around the world.

Link to Web Summit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1nP4k2wr9 (5:10:25)

Link to her interaction with Robert Kyncl – https://www.instagram.com/p/C37iPFdCsUW/?igsh=Z2NwZzIzcjc3cjI1


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