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Learn about the exceptional graphic designer, the Kai Schoene’s idea of success

Learn about the exceptional graphic designer, the Kai Schoene’s idea of success

The word ‘success’ has a strong, gratifying and positive connotation. For every individual, the ways of measuring success is different yet all agree that success comes by persevering in efforts despite the failures. A commonality between legends and the great men of all time, is that their success stories always inspire and encourage us to pursue our dreams. Regardless of what field do they belong, they all start with a mission that has the potential to change many other lives in the process. One such story is of Kai Schoene. This stout-hearted man started his career as a graphic designer in Bremen, Germany. After reaching the peak of his career in his hometown, if we may say, he thought of innovating his style. Not focusing on the difficulties arising during his relocation from Germany to Switzerland, he made this leap of faith. He made gallant efforts to put himself together.

His unflinching belief in himself is an example that you can align many things in your favor when you have a firm belief in yourself.

According to Kai, success isn’t merely about your wealth or status but how deep your story inspires people to achieve greatness. It is about influencing people for positivity and enthusing them for chasing the marvel.

The Kai’s journey tells us many valuable lessons. The first and foremost thing is to have a strong commitment towards your goal. With his determination, Kai proves that no matter what goal do you set for yourself, you can make it happen with staunchness in your actions.

His story is about continuous hustle because creativity knows no bounds. In order to fulfil your aspirations, you should be ambitious about your each and every goal. You should not lose your spark especially in your ride of entrepreneurship because you are your own boss in it. And you have to be accountable to yourself for your every action.

Remember your entrepreneurial journey is not going to be easy. There would be obstacles and hindrances that may make you weak or even propel you to leave unaccomplished. That’s why so many millennials and start-ups fail. So be prepared beforehand that this road is going to be uneven and full of distractions. You will not find things working unless you are dripping with passion. Because in that case you are going to make your way anyway.

Kai introduces us to the concept that with persistent grinding and positive approach you can make your way anywhere, regardless of where you originated from. You may get to the heights of recognition with your exterior but if you lack the strength of character, your fame isn’t going to last. People recognize and remember you owing to your efforts.

He also addresses the issue of superficial connections and “swipe and away” mentality in his social media handle. According to him, this digital age allows us to meet so many people but is unable to make a ‘connection’ in its true sense. So many problems that we have in our lives, are due to the lack of this real connection. We feel gloomy, depressed, anxious, distressed and what not but we don’t change our approach towards relationships.

He also talks about the feeble trust we have in people around us, in this time of hustle bustle. Why it has become so hard to trust, especially when your frequency is on the high notes? Partially, it is because of the presence of frenemies that are back stabbing us. And because of such incidences of betrayal and perfidy, we stop trusting even those who have been completely loyal to us. In summary, one should be cautious while dealing with others in all respects. However, this cautiousness and the art of learning people comes with experience of interactions.

Kai Schoene story can be perfectly summarized with the quote of Ralph W Emerson, “The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within, not from without.”


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