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Jivan Mazuri- the Kurdish entrepreneur who takes pride in his roots

Jivan Mazuri is a 27 year old Kuridish entrepreneur, whose company B&J is redefining overseas currency and oil trading all over the world. He was born in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq in 1991. He completed his education from the University of Cihan in Erbil, and at a young age of 18 he started his first entrepreneurial venture in China. After a few years of struggle, he gained the necessary business acumen to run a successful company out of Istanbul, Dubai, and Erbil.

He founded B&J in 2016 along with his partner Blend. The company trades across Istanbul, Dubai, London, and Erbil, and Jivan has his eyes set on expanding it further beyond the present boundaries. Before he founded his first venture Jivan Mizuri was working individually in Erbil, Dubai, and China for eight years. He earned abundant market knowledge and industry experience in oil and gas while working with Crescent and Dana Gas Company, based out of Erbil and Sharjah. This gave him the necessary exposure that he needed to set out on his trading venture. One of the key clients of B &J is the Rolsen Group in Erbil, which also works as their investment partner.

But what sets Jivan apart from other entrepreneurs is his passion for religion, languages, and his love for his Kurdish ethnicity. He took interest in religion when he saw Kurdish people around him being persecuted simply for being Kurdish. For many years, his family was forced to move countries as refugee again because of their Kurdish identity. He was told that it was because they had hostile neighbours. So in order to communicate with them, he learnt Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. He started learning English when he was 15, and now he is quite fluent in the language. His desire to learn new languages, and understand new cultures stemmed from the fact that he did not want to hate people.
He is also equally interested in religion. Though his parents were practicing Muslims, they never forced their beliefs on him, and always encouraged the spirit of questioning. When some extremists started using religion as an excuse to kill people, Jivan in order to understand it better studied Christianity and Islam thoroughly. From where he comes, Islam and atheism were the most popular beliefs. But because people were linking their acts of extremism to religion, he decided to study religion in order to understand it himself. He realized that every religion encourages people to follow the path of peace.

Jivan is a proud Kurdish despite the fact that his identity has led him to face difficulties in terms of security, political conflict, and even something as simple as bank systems. In fact, these difficulties made him more conscious of his identity, and now he has carved his name as one of the most successful Kurdish entrepreneurs in the world.


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