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Ivy Global Awards its Star Employees at its Annual Event ‘Action Day 2019’

Ivy Global Awards its Star Employees at its Annual Event ‘Action Day 2019’

Ivy Global celebrated its annual event ‘Action Day 2019’ to recognise the in-house talent and award them for their hard work and exceptional skills.

In the ‘Action Day 2019’, the Ivy Global awarded its employees, majorly young talents for their impressive performance during the current year.

Talking about the aim behind this event, Ananth Krishnan C Subramanian, the Chief Financial Officer, said, “We call all the employees and conduct this programme every year. The main purpose is to discuss and review the year, and award the well-deserved employees for their work and commitment.”

Subramaniam, Head of Finance (Shared Services) shared, “The idea behind this branding exercise is to recognise retail and attractive talent. It essentially gives us the leverage to project the talent mostly in India and also the expats who may wish to come back to India can utilise the talents for the benefit of gaming in and outside the Hyderabad.”

Commenting on how Ivy Global is working to create an irreplaceable place for itself in the gaming industry, Sandeep Tiku, Group Chief Technology Officer, shared, “We have grown up in the last four to five years rapidly. We have launched our logo and website, essential for the growth plans that we have for our company in the coming years. We build software for the gaming industry and, there are billions of dollars in this industry. Our focus is now towards building extensive gaming products that will help Ivy grow into a bigger organisation in the next couple of years.”

Ivy Global is currently has a total of 1,542 of employees dedicatedly working for the organisations and its projected headcount growth by the end of the year is 60 per cent. It has 34 per cent of female and, 66 per cent of male working. In the leadership roles, 16 per cent of females and 84 per cent of males are seen.

Women Initiatives

Mom (TO BE) Onboard: An Initiative to provide the much-needed comfort and care to expecting mothers. We provide exclusive cabs for commuting to and from the office for all expecting mothers. The hygiene factor of the cabs is monitored, and cabs are stocked with refreshments and water. Drivers are trained specifically to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for expecting mothers.

Reboot @ Ivy: A unique re-entry program for talented woman software professionals who took a career break due to life events like marriage, having a child, etc, to reboot their career. Ivy will provide them a platform to upgrade their skills that enables them to jump-start their career with Ivy.

Women in Tech: A program of initiatives to attract and retain women in technology so we find and keep the best people.

Well Being / Security

Random Security Checks (Cabs): Checks for Alcohol consumption for drivers and Hygiene factors of the Cabs. To ensure a safe ride from home to office and back.

24/7 Snacks Vending Machine: An option of providing healthy snacks especially for employees working in shifts, Big Basket Vending machines have been installed in all cafeterias.

Annual Health Check-ups: To ensure that employees keep a tab on their health and fitness levels, the company provides a free annual health check-up at corporate hospitals and diagnostics.

Employee Development

Management Development Programme (MDP): This program provides the stimulus and insights for a better understanding of one’s strengths and development needs as a manager/lead, creates an environment to practice with peers and colleagues to deepen and share thinking. The agility of the modulation of the program allows participants to take ownership of their development; it makes this fit for purpose for any manager/lead, at any level of seniority, across the globe.


Candidate Engagement Program: We engage with prospective hires via a Candidate Engagement Program for all offered candidates. The aim of this program is to welcome Offered candidates and provide more information about the Organization and the team they are likely to join. A detailed presentation with a Q&A session, followed by Lunch is normally the agenda.

Townhalls: Company updates, Achievements, Project milestones, New initiatives, etc are shared by the Leadership team. Closes with a Q&A session.

Leadership Meet: A full day offsite program to bring the leadership team to identify areas of improvement and brainstorm on ideas to address them. Various activities that enable them to think out-of-the-box and arrive at different strategies are planned.

HR Help Desk: Open events where employees can approach HR to address their queries and concerns.

Voice Survey: An annual survey to measure the employee engagement index. It’s the single biggest opportunity employees have to give their views openly, direct to those who make decisions in the business; and the leadership we will be investing a lot of time in planning and communicating actions in response to the themes raised.


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