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Is Vivaan ready to take on the responsibilities of Baalveer?

Is Vivaan ready to take on the responsibilities of Baalveer?

Becoming a superhero comes with great responsibilities.And little VanshSayani who plays the role of Vivaan, the successor of Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns, knows this only too well. When asked if he is ready to take on the duties, Vansh was thrilled and said, “I haven’t been more ready, my character Vivaan has gone through several tests to prove his worth to Baalveer and also to the paris to make them believe that he is the ideal successor to Baalveer.”

So, is VanshSayani as responsible as Baalveer in his real life?

Vansh said, “My mother would be the best person to answer this but I usually take all my work seriously and even my mom trusts me with a lot of work. Being a child artiste, has made me respect my time and it has shaped me into taking my responsibilities seriously. I am in school now so I even juggle my studies along with the shoots. I try to always prioritize my work and study as and when I get time, even between the shots. As a kid my responsibility lies in managing my studies and learning something new every day.”

Dev Joshi who plays the role of Baalveer added, “Veer Lok has put Vivaan under various ParamPareeksha’s to prepare him to take the onus of being the next Baalveer. I, being his mentor, am teaching him how to use his immense powers wisely and always be on the right path. Since, as a child, I had portrayed the role of Baalveer, I also guide Vansh off-screen on how he can take on this role better, I coach him on Baalveer like mannerisms, help him with dialogue delivery and give him tips on performing action sequences with equal superhero style and power. I’m looking forward to see him become the next Baalveer. He is ready!”

Vansh is excited to perform the action sequences that the role demands andis looking forward to them. Vansh also added, “My character Vivaan is completely pumped and ready to be the next Baalveer, if it is upto him, he will take Salman Sir’s name and dive into any action sequence.”

Not just an exceptional student, VanshSayaniis also winning hearts with his phenomenal performance as Vivaan in Baalveer Returns. The showis gearing towards the much awaited moment of crowning the successor of Baalveer and it will be interesting to watch if Vivaan becomes the new Baalveer or if the evil highness Timnasa has planned any scheme to stop this from happening.

Watch Vivaan’s journey of becoming the next Baalveer on Baalveer Returns every Monday – Friday at 8pm only on Sony SAB


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