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In an Exclusive Conversation with Band Of Boys sensation, Sherrin Varghese

In an Exclusive Conversation with Band Of Boys sensation, Sherrin Varghese

Postman News presents interaction with well known musician Sherrin Varghese. Sherrin Varghese, member of A Band of Boys, is also an actor worked in few television shows. A Band of Boys, formed in 2001, along with Karan Oberoi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Siddharth Haldipur and Chaitnya Bhosale is the India ‘s First and only Boy Band. He performs live vocal electronica gutted with organic instrumentation on digital low ends.

Sherrin Varghese tells about “The Circuit”, a digital property consisting of live musical performance videos with in-house musicians, fronted by artists with original songs only.

The Circuit is a short format episodic content divided equally between a shout out of the how & why of the particular song, writer ideologies, composition colour, arrangement choice, recording techniques, gear chosen, etc by the writer / creator of the song, composer, producer, musicians & technicians involved to snippets of rehearsals & a final live performance of the song.

Read on to delve into the depths of what hasn’t been much known about him as he gets candid with his joy of sharing her dream and goals.

Here is the conversation:

How do you define your genre of music?

Sherrin: My music is either very reminiscent of a tornado making love to a volcano or an eclectic electro-organic piece of poetry! So as a genre it has been hard to slot it, therefore I decided to curate my own genre called “Bollytronica”, which I’d like to think is a clever way of putting the 2 most diabolical and popular genres in our country together. Here’s hoping it hits!

What motivated you to start a show on YouTube?

Sherrin: Music is no more heard; it is now seen and in some futuristic cases felt as well. God has been very kind and I’ve had a successful career as a singer, performer, actor, entertainer for the past 20 years. Released 5 albums, travelled the world, done 1200 plus shows and I want to continue releasing new material and touring the world. The world is moving online and due to traffic, pollution, long working hours and an overwhelming influx of content, people have stopped going to concerts simply because there is just no time. Venues are shutting, promoters are skimming artists of monies, festivals are drying up and now live performances are either an intimate acoustic at a diner or a banger at a wedding/corporate event. Both of these formats I’ve been lucky to be prolific at but the mid-sized Indie concerts which used to thrive in the city at one time doesn’t exist anymore as everyone’s either curating a playlist or streaming and downloading material on to their phone. So therefore if the audience cannot be brought to the concert, the concert can be brought to the audience. It is not going to be possible in the near future to fill stadiums unless you are headliner like U2. So the need to move onto a platform where one can showcase material regularly is the reason why I decided to produce “The Circuit”. While putting together this intellectual property, the several fantastic leanings that I’ve had, put me in this entrepreneurial content creator mode where I felt that in the next few years, I could make this into a way of life, by releasing my songs with the best collaborations possible, showcase some of the cool talent that exists there and also perhaps mentor the next batch of musicians and artists while we are at it.

Tell us more about the season 2 of “The Circuit”

Sherrin: Season 2 is where it will flourish in the truest sense as that would be shorter episodes of single original song collaborations between me and the several talents that have shown interest in being part of us and other artists who I’d like to solicit for the same. Also with newer partners on board, it will be a full upgrade on the look, feel and tone of the show. Season 1 has been more a testing ground of different methods, formats etc. Most importantly the look of how the episodes should be is what we’ve achieved only in this last lap as we are closing in on the finale. Plus in Season 2 we intend to go full swing on the marketing of this property as it would be more original content.

Do you like working as an individual or in a group?

Sherrin: You can say I like both. I can work both on a team and also work alone, depending on the need of the project. Both have its merits. It took me a while to break out of the boy band mode to pursue my solo career and now the call for the boys is re-sounding louder than ever, so life has come full circle. Also what I’m doing with the circuit is impossible without my full team of 7 people, so I like the group mode I’m in now!

What songs are you currently recording?

Sherrin: As you all know I believe in bringing originals for my audience. So, I’m currently recording 4 original songs which are going to be the first 4 episodes of Season 2, for which I’ve collaborated with 4 brilliantly different music producers and several session musicians. Can’t wait to unleash them!

What’s your take on Bollywood music?

Sherrin: An omnipresent devil and a necessary evil. I wish to join them through these songs that I’m producing and become a force to reckon within the Bollywood fraternity.

How would you describe your music journey over the years?

Sherrin: I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in these 20 years of my musical journey and it is the choices that I made at each of those times that have helped shape what I have achieved. The beauty of my journey is that it was tumultuous, the struggle was real and what they ride! And when I look back at my journey, I’m ever so grateful for the confidence and the power.


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