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If your business survives this pandemic, it can survive anything: Chiranjiv Patel.

If your business survives this pandemic, it can survive anything: Chiranjiv Patel

He is a new-age entrepreneur, One of the most promising and established entrepreneurs of Gujarat. His networks are incredible, but he also knows, it is not just about business but making relationships, that are deeper than working together.

Chiranjiv Patel, a self-made, dynamic and young entrepreneur, is a classic example of failures, growth and success.

He started his life as a chemical engineer student and fearlessly moved in the direction that he thought is right for him. And the rest is history. But all through his journey, two things were common and are still with him, first, his mentors and second, his will to make a difference in the world and giving back to the society.

With his achievements and prestigious associations with various organisations, it is visible that he has worked hard towards his goal, and it wasn’t his sheer luck. But all of this wouldn’t have been possible without his mentors. And looking at the importance of mentorship, the successful entrepreneur of Gujarat, Chiranjiv Patel came up with a mentorship program with a selfless amount of Re. 1.

We were fortunate to interview him about the same. Excerpts from the interview!

Sir, when the world was fighting with the challenge to stay at home, you were out in the field feeding the indigents in the city? That was brave, but you had an army who believed in you, how was it possible?

Covid-19, the pandemic brought a lot of fundamental values back to life. It wasn’t easy to come up with a mega food campaign, but then someone had to be brave. I decided to share this concept with my mentors, and I got a nod from them and said I must do it, and that’s when I gave whole self to it. Many people had a great time during the lockdown, but I made sure that I am not sitting idle, killing my time but making sure to be with the country in various ways. And that how we could feed more than 10 lakh people in the span of two months. And can’t thank my team enough, who also believed in the vision and passion of standing tall with the indigents and address their basic needs.

Tell us something about your Re 1 mentorship programme and why available for just Re 1?

Mentorship is not an art; it is a selfless action only to see people doing good. The mentorship program is all about giving back selflessly to the students who are passionate about growth and not looking for any overnight fame. And we select from the many profiles that we get on our email. A team researches about the scope, their business and what all have they done since its establishment. We open the mentorship program every year, and till now, we have had more than () entrepreneurs who are doing well.

And why Re 1, because, to support a dream to grow is priceless, you can’t put a materialistic value to it, instead to see it growing with every possible day is a blessing and a boost to your individuality.

But why is mentorship important?

The world is going through a lot, and the economy has a historic dent due to the pandemic. A mentor understands the business more than the one who is heading it. The experiences, vision and many things change as soon as a mentor is added to a start-up.

With today’s generation being digitally active and restless with their brilliant concepts, they tend to lose their focus to achieve the number games looking at others’ growth. And ultimately end up shutting their business which was a brilliant concept and has a scope of making a massive difference in the society. A mentor helps the founder calm down and believe in going with the flow. More than any investor, if the start-up has a belief in itself to do better, it will do better. Mentors bring consistency to the business, which looks tedious and tiring process in the beginning but have excellent results in the future for being patient and everything else.

One advice to all the upcoming entrepreneurs to survive this pandemic?

One that advice will be, please survive this pandemic because there is no way out. Because shutting down won’t help. Because there are opportunities in any adversity. Because if you survive this pandemic, you can survive anything. So, take your time. Introspect. Innovate and serve the nation with your brilliance, and it will all be useful in future.


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