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If laughter is the best medicine, Biswajit Banerji’s Happimess is the Right Prescription

If laughter is the best medicine, Biswajit Banerji’s Happimess is the Right Prescription

At a juncture when laughter has become such a scarce material following rising tensions and a general sense of despair, Happimess by Biswajit Banerji is a welcome distraction with its much needed dose of humour and satire.

This debut book of Biswajit seems to hold all the keys to happiness. You would chuckle, giggle and burst into laughter just naturally, as you turn over the pages of Happimess. In fact, the brainy writer of this book shows that laughter really is the best medicine to many a maladies.

As the very title of this highly interesting book suggests, you feel genuinely happy as you take a roller-coaster ride through a series of messy situations created in everyday life. This title is a brilliant piece of author’s imagination.

Like the master story-teller P. G. Wodehouse, Biswajit too has created his very own laughter-genre which is rare. Happimess is all about expelling unhappiness. A collection of simple yet very engrossing tales told in jovial style, this book really brings a comic relief in this tension-ridden world.

Happimess becomes more hilarious as Biswajit has narrated the fun-filled stories in the first person creating an atmosphere as if the scenes in the anecdotes are happening before your very eyes. The tone in the book is mostly masked humour which passes itself off as seriousness. This helps involve the reader even more!

His ability to stir the curiosity of readers or what may be termed as reader’s engagement can be gauged from the fact that the funny tales tell everyday life’s laughter-side which are mostly tangled up and as you try to wriggle out, you get more entangled.

This, certainly, is a new laughter genre in literature with satirical part getting prominence as the story-plots unfold. The witty stories carry the power to make you think while also poking fun at individual and social peculiarities. Such scenes as a farewell speech going horribly wrong to evoke peals of laughter adds special feature to this work.

Equally interesting are the satirical portrayal of nosy insurance agents and die-hard hagglers spiced up with funny disorderliness. In fact, the true humorist in Biswajit, currently serving as a senior officer in a Public Sector Steel unit, came fully alive in the book.

The world of English literature really was waiting for such a fun-filled work like Happimess. The author’s writing style, flexibility of language and portrayal of everyday monotonous life with modest touch of lyrical-humour really marks the beginning of a new trend in writing.

Many acidic realities of human life have been lucidly placed through funny tales. This is wonderful, a new literary experiment that is entirely relatable and entertaining. Truly, Happimess is all about removing unhappiness through funny stories.


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