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HR-Turned-Author’s ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’ unravels the spheres of human sentiments

HR-Turned-Author’s ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’ unravels the spheres of human sentiments

Do emotions impact our mortal existence, and how do they compel our actions and influence our decisions? How do we, as human beings, cater to our layers of sentiments in order to delicately bind these emotions to the relationships around us?

In her masterpiece ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, Jyoti Jha not only artfully unfolds these quizzical nuances that define our existence as human beings, but also exquisitely unravels the spheres of human sentiments and their resultant actions in the most indulgent manner.

An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha is an MBA by qualification and has been associated with corporates like Infosys and Whirlpool in the past. After almost a decade of globe-trotting, she pursued her compelling passion of expressing through words and embarked upon the journey of exploring the field of literature. A Literary Critic and an esteemed winner of ‘The Times of India Write India Season 3’, she has authored the books, ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’ and ‘Around The World Through My Lens’.

Through her book, The Realms of Human Emotions, the author portrays the elemental role of sentiments that not only compel our actions and influence our decisions, but also define the quintessential components of our human behavior, and parallelly highlighting the fact that how we often have uncertainty around expressing our emotions and acknowledging out feelings.

The book is a collection of seven stories, where each story depicts one predominant human emotion and the various layers of sentiments coexisting within and around the characters at a given point of time. The stories in the book depict those intricate aspects that divulge the layers of human emotions and delicately entwine them with the relationships around the characters.

In the words of the author, “The stories in the book intend to portray human experiences that deal with feelings, perceptions, intentions, attitudes, and emotions, that continually strive to find a balance between the outer hurricane of sentiments and an inner vortex of fervors. At the same time endeavoring to align individual emotions that delicately blend with the relationships around them.”

The author’s vision of the book has been beautifully crowned into reality in the capable guidance of the literary artisans, Literia Insight, that signed the award-winning author for this masterpiece.

The book has been published and wonderfully designed by the publishers PR Productions and Publishers.
Ranked among Top 100 Amazon Bestseller (Paperback) within the very first 24-hours of its release, the book is available to purchase in both Paperback and eBook on Amazon. The physical presence of the book spans across some major bookstores like Oxford Bookstores and Odyssey Bookstores throughout the country.

Get your copy today, for “An immersive experience of sentiments impactfully drawn from the spheres of human emotions from regular living, and to be entranced by exploring human emotions that define our existence and delicately balance the relationships around us”. To get more information and updates about the book, visit the author’s website My Views and Reviews (https://myviewsandreviews.in/).


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