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How Amol Ghodke Bagged His Debut Movie Will Inspire You

How Amol Ghodke Bagged His Debut Movie Will Inspire You

“Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not let you sleep.” This quote by A.P.J. Kalam has given a direction to many people’s lives. But we have an example of this quote. Who? How? Let’s have a look. Amol Ghodke is a young, talented social media manager from Pune. He has been managing celebrities and their social media accounts for quite a time now. He has even covered the corporate brands with this work. He knows the importance of a fit body so he has worked on his physique with the help of workout. But how did this dedicated social media manager turned out to be a budding actor?

Well, one day he had to do a Facebook Live session for social media promotions. He went to his client’s office. The client was a director and they were looking for a perfect fit for one of their films. When Amol entered to ask about the live session the director just glared at him for a while. Apparently it frightened Amol and he asked what’s wrong? Suddenly the director asked would you act in my film? It obviously surprised Amol since he has absolute no background of acting and he had no idea. He said but I don’t know how to act? Later Amol attended an acting workshop where he got the training from many well know actors which helped him and it worked. The shoot for his film is ongoing.

When Amol Ghodke shot the few scenes he was praised and let’s say his efforts paid off; because he was immediately asked for more 2-3 films. That’s remarkable. It’s a journey from social media manager to an actor and looks like it’s a new successful beginning for Amol Ghodke. Amol surely proves that, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Amol is all set to make his Debut with the two films in the coming year titled as Gandlay and Hero. Both films will be directed by Nikhil Wairagar. Shooting commences soon.

We hope for Amol Ghodke to make big and success debut in the movie industry.


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