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Gudiya’s plan to take away Guddu’s family backfires on her, enters Gabbar!

Gudiya’s plan to take away Guddu’s family backfires on her, enters Gabbar!

Last week in &TV’s Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari,Gudiya (Sarika Bahroliya) tried to pull off a hammer prank on Guddu (Karam Rajpal) that resulted in hurting and leaving him unconscious. All this was a part of a big prank by Guddu to scare Gudiya and teach her a lesson. While the plan did work and Gudiya’s family is now even more impressed with Guddu. But all this has not gone well with Gudiya who now determined to steal Guddu’s family away from him. The new episode will see the entry of renowned actors Abha Parma and Madhuri Sanjeev playing Guddu’s grandmother Putli Bai and mother Harbeji Devi respectively! Also entering will a Gabbar (Aman Gandhi) Guddu’s mentally challenged brother, who will be crossing paths with Gudiya. In the attempt to impress Guddu’s grandmother Putli Bai, Gudiya will end up hurting her with a puja ka nariyal. How will Putli Bai react to this behaviour of Gudiya? Will Gudiya be banned from entering Guddu’s house? What lies ahead in the lives of Guddu and Gudiya with Gabbar’s entry?

Abha Parmar, portraying the role of the fierce Putli Bai says,“My character is the head of the family. Whatever she decides will be the final call. She is aggressive and can rip apart anyone. Amidst all this, a notorious little girl Gudiya essayed by our bubbly Sarika Bahroliya comes to impress me, but in her first chance ends up hurting me with a coconut on my head! It is surely not going to go down well with my character Putli Bai. What drama follows after is something the audiences will have to watch!” Adding to this, Aman Gandhi who plays Gabbarsays, “Gabbar will bring a hoard of drama in the show, while Guddu was trying to teach Gudiya something worthwhile, Gudiya is cooking up a bigger plan. With my character Gabbar being introduced to the show now, the drama will soar to a different level altogether. I play a unique character from whom his family is searching for a bahu, and when I see Gudiya, something changes in me. My brother Guddu also cares about Gudiya. So, coming to change that equation will be my character Gabbar.”


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