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Gold Media Entertainment Pledges Enhanced Digital Marketing Services To Artists Seeking Out The Same

Gold Media Entertainment Pledges Enhanced Digital Marketing Services To Artists Seeking Out The Same

Gold Media Entertainment, a platform for all those out there to get the support, to get the popularity and also the strength of an artists heart to the large public out there. Since 2015, this company has been promoting and providing a platform to all those aspiring artists to get what they deserve. Not only the artists but also big companies, approach them.

In one of the recent interviews conducted with Swapan Monga, we got to know a lot. He says, obviously we did dream to reach here but the hard work of my team and some other important members of the company, the same got us there before time. He further stated, a motto to change the entertainment industry and that small initiative, which began just as an idea, well, this was it. This was how we started and this is how we moved ahead. We started with small of course, a few small companies which were concentrated locally and then slowly, swiftly reached out to big ones like T-series, Eros, Sony Music, Speed, Zee Music, Times Music, etc and the same continues till today, making it more and more big for us with every passing day.

Swapan in his interview not only talked about the company and the business but also made the world aware of how the single click gets us to that level. He says, well, for promotion was needed artists and artists needed companies. So why not connect them and take our business to another level, suggested Deep Grewal, one of the founding members of our company. I was not surprised by the idea but was definitely convinced, after all, it was time to take one more step. There started the search of artists who have proposed the idea through social media.

Who doesn’t want the world to know their talent.? Everyone does and people started approaching. From companies to artists and from those individual works to connections, the company started providing varied services. They helped artists and music labels to use this online platform. They promoted them through social media like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. The company also started managing Youtube channels for the well-known music companies like Sony music, Fresh Media Records, Speed Records, White Hill Music, Humble Music, etc. and today its more than 1000s music videos which they are part of, with more than 100 artists of North India, who they worked with. Garry Sandhu, Mika Singh, Jassi Gill, Guru Randhawa, Ammy Virk, Millind Gaba, Badshah, Maninder Buttar, Nimrat Khaira, Sunanda Sharma, etc are the names of few famous artists who have been a part of Gold Media Entertainment in some or the other way. Not only this, the company have been supporting out varied movies and were the digital partners for the same. Some of the best ones out there are- Carry On Jatta 2, Mar Gaye Oye Loko, Nikka Zaildar, Ardaas, Rabb Da Radio, Afsar, Aate Di Chidi, Marriage Palace, Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan, Saab Bahadar, Bambukat, Manjey Bistre, Ardaas Karaan, Subedar Joginder Singh, etc. Best opportunity with the best support, not only for the company but also the movies out there which became a part of Gold Media Entertainment in some or the other way. They had an idea and these aspiring members of the online platform had meant. So, what would have been there in between the success.? Nothing for sure.

The team members like Arshdeep Singh, Deep Grewal, Swapan Monga, Anmol Monga, are all working so hard to take the company to another level of success. Their uniqueness is what that defines them and the work is of course what can be seen through eyes. 74.5k followers on Instagram, not a small game. The fame, the name, all of it deserves an appreciation of course.

Just to be precise, there main area of works include, managing social accounts, getting support from social media, promoting music videos, together with collaborating brand with artists, getting official music videos branded integration, getting advertisement of brands and products all on this online platform, which gets brand strengthening, real viewers and client, SEO optimization of video, so that people can reach out to you, and whatnot.

What not is, fake of course. They know an aspiring mind and hard work. Won’t let you get disappointed for sure. They will help, motivate and provide all that they can, because an aspiring head understands another and that’s what they are, a loved, outgrowing platform for all your needs.


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