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Going into the closet for Aarya...

Going into the closet for Aarya…

Lead cast of Hotstar Specials – Aarya, Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh and Sikander Kher talk about their challenges to dub for the show from home during the lockdown.

While the shoot for Hotstar Specials “Aarya” was wrapped up well before the pandemic hit the world and India, dubbing and post production for the show was something that the makers and cast of the show had to figure amid the lockdown. To release the show in time on June 19th, the cast of the show found a unique way of dubbing for their respective parts all by themselves from home.

Interestingly, almost the entire cast had to dub standing inside their closet to avoid ambient sounds, any external notice and of course distractions. They would lock themselves first in their rooms and then find themselves within the confines of their closets to make sure the clothes soaked in all the static and helped create a basic level of sound proofing.

Says Sushmita Sen, “This was the first time that all of us were doing something like this. We had to figure unique ways to dubb at home and complete the job. I figured a spot in my closet, where I used to stand amidst my clothes and place my laptop on top of it and dubb, while trying to make the place as soundproof as possible”

Chandrachur adds, “I used to stand in my closet sweating profusely and dubbing at the same time to avoid sounds of birds and other noises around my house. It was uncomfortable but it served the purpose”

Sikander Kher had a particularly funny story around this, he says, “There was this one koyal outside my window, who used to start chirping right when I was supposed to start dubbing. I had to schedule my dubbing basis for the koyal’s timetable. But unfortunately, her schedule used to coincide with mine, even if I decided to dub in the middle of the night”.


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