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Girish Sharma - The guy who is changing the definition of Event Anchoring in India.

Girish Sharma – The guy who is changing the definition of Event Anchoring in India.

One man many shades, that’s how we know Girish Sharma. An impeccable performer, a crowd puller and not just one but more than 20 characters Girish Sharma does it. We remember Sanjiv Kumar and Govinda donning different looks in same film. In real life it is Girish. An anchor who can pull off any character with ease. At a given event he can don 20 looks and you won’t be able to notice one from other

With 3000 shows worldwide to his Kitty Zoom Tv fame Anchor Girish Sharma is undoubtedly the funniest & the most energetic event anchor in India. Girish dons all the funniest Characters like Guthhi, Gulati, Al Habibi, Chingam, Rinku Bhabhi,PK, Big B & the funniest ‘Chhota Pandit’ from Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

” I always feel sketch comedy attracts the eyeballs. In television also highest rated shows have tint of sketch comedy. It also gives more space to artist to play around. Gives more laugh to the audience and that’s what matter to me.” Said Girish Sharma.


Girish Sharma - The guy who is changing the definition of Event Anchoring in India.


Like his character & charisma on stage his real life rags to riches story is no less interesting.

” I am from a very small village Biron Deval from uttarakhand. I used to be humiliated during my initial time. Nobody could understand my out of the box career choice. My so called friends even laughed at me every time and left no stone unturned to demotivate me. But when today I achieved success & fame they all wanted to have selfie with me.”

Anchor Girish Sharma have performed in more than 20 countries like Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, Istanbul, Cyprus, Antalya Uzbekistan just to name a few. He is considered the busiest event anchor of the industry.

“I believe that to be a good anchor is the different thing but to proof in every event of yours that you are the best anchor is different. I always perform by keeping in my mind that today is my last event so I have to perform like never before.”

Girish also have a huge fan base on social media where he shares his event videos & anchoring tips.

“When I started there was no one to teach me about event anchoring as it is totally different from television anchoring. I learnt from hit & trail method but I want others to learn so I do share my own experience in my YouTube channels.”

We tried to extract secret of success in event anchoring for budding anchors.

” I would say only two words. Humour & Energy. If you have humour with good presence of mind & your energy can attract the audience then you are surely a good anchor.”

Anchor Girish Sharma also considered the most stylish stage anchor of India. More than his Performance people talk out his apparel.

“For this I will give full credit to my Designer Ajay Arvind Bhai Khatri. The owner of the brand Mr. Sanjay Jajal design my each & every outfit as per the occasion. And I must say they all are stylish, voguish, à la mode & Trendy.”

But why fashion is important for stage Anchoring.

” Have not you heard that your first impression is everything. Once I met Amitabh Bachchan ji at his house & he told me that first audience see you then they hear you. If they don’t like you while they see you. They may not even listen to you. Since then I put lot of efforts in my stage appearance.”

Anchor Girish Sharma have also worked with zoom tv & shoot promotional video for The Kapil Sharma Show.

” Meeting Sunil Grover & shooting with him was the great experience. It is always a lot to learn from him about comedy timings & characters.”

Apart from this Girish sharma have shared the stage with Amitabh Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, Kanika Kapoor, Vidya balan, Baadshah & many more.

A small town boy studied from government school worked as a catering boy bullied for his career choices now achieving the heights of anchoring world.

Does not it show that impossible is the only world found in dictionary.


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