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Gazala Danish- Believer of chances and appreciator for opportunities

Gazala Danish- Believer of chances and appreciator for opportunities

Dreams find no way to regret or to accept lesser than what one deserves and for the ones who wish to create an effective change, do find their way around. Well, in today’s world, where we see chaos & depression, all-around, some found their kick and loved the way they began.

This beginning, this is what brings in the motivation and takes ahead a person out there in the journey to seek and to help the seekers. Amidst all that list of people we get to see around, Gazala Danish is one such personality, who took a turn in her life and created the best out of it. Her journey from being a doctor to becoming a full-time mom for her kids, and finally a blogger, it definitely is a huge motivation for all around.

Gazala Danish, she was born and brought up in Mumbai and is living her married life in Uttar Pradesh. By profession, she was a doctor until she became a mom and had to fight with the post-partum depression. It was this time when she started socializing with her friends more than before and taking steps which can keep her mind in control and focused.

In her words, “It all started with my famous winged liner, which all wished to learn and this is what made me post a video for the same. Post became Posts and gradually, the enthusiasm and motivation pointed me towards a direction. That’s it. This is how it all began.”

“When creativity kicks in, people look out.” Even though it was quite a simple start but today, her followers on Instagram is 23.6k. People from all around have been loving and appreciating her for how she has been creating the curiosity and fun of trying new things in the minds of people.

Gazala Danish’s posts have also received a lot of appreciation, and this was the reason when this start from just a Winged liner turned to a different niche, including physical and mental health, food, fitness, fashion and beauty. It has all been growing since then and finally, when people started reaching out, she started getting noticed. It was the brand Iconic London, which for the first time noticed her and finally Gazala got under the limelight, a bit above the casual, a move in the line of brands. The recognition grew, and even though her journey remained slow, her blogging ideas did prove to be a wonderful idea for her and for the followers who awaited her content to get live. Soon enough after getting recognition from Iconic London, she joined up with some international brands including Morphe, Colourpop, Gerard, NYX Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, Pixi and many more.

Isn’t it great to make a beginning with nothing in mind apart from helping people around and receiving love from all over the world? Well, it is the fruits of selflessness and creativity which brings people a little more-closer to seeing new dreams and taking steps for the same. For Gazala, it was her way to reach out, to fight her depression and to utilize her time for something creative and productive. She is an inspiration, and for sure she would always be for those who follow her and would follow her in the upcoming future.


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